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Headache Tracking / Pain Logging


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Hey all!

I've just finished another joyful  cycle of episodic cluster headaches, and during some downtime i've put together a headache tracker / pain logging app. It's extremely bare-bones at the moment, and when i say app - its a web app that runs in browser. This is a personal open source effort to help other sufferers, not a commercial project and all data is stored locally in your own instance, no cloud, no central hosting. 

Without getting into the technical details at this point - would anyone else find this useful? 

Im looking to get some feedback or requests for the app - as i've built out what i find useful, but im sure others have differing experiences and I want to build something that caters for as many of us as possible.

The project lives here: https://github.com/OliPassey/headache-tracker/tree/Mongo (Including screenshots)
Im working on a fork of the original code i wrote a while ago (and is awful), and i don't recomend trying to install this just yet. Im happy to help you set things up if you're interested in having a version running, but you will need a certain level of tech knowledge to get it going at the moment. (Docker, MongoDB, Caddy)

On first run of the app a setup process will ask a load of questions and allow you to configure nearly all aspects of the app. Medications, Abortives and Symptoms are all custom to you, the app starts with none and asks you to add everything. The app is also designed in dark mode only, due to photosensitivity issues, customizing the colour palette is hopefully coming soon. 

The workflow of the app currently is;

  • On first signs of an attack, click "Start New Headache" 
  • This will log start time, pain level 0 (for graph cleanliness) and issue a headache ID for tracking
  • You should then log your pain changes as often as needed on the 0 - 10 buttons.
  • There are then sections for logging Medication, Abortives & Symptoms.
    • Medication will likely move out of this section as its intended as a med log on a daily basis outside of an individual headache
    • Abortives allow you to monitor how effective each method is, and report on Oxygen Tank status (On/Off currently) should you use it.
    • Symptoms allows you to log your common symptoms as they happen.
  • Once the attack is over, pain is down to zero and if using oxygen, Oxygen Off has been logged - click "End Headache"
  • A report is instantly available, that looks like this;


What i'm working on currently;

  • Improving graphing & reporting.
  • Export for Medical Professional option - will detail who you are, and summarize data as well as providing raw output. 
  • Carer's Realtime dashboard. inc. Pain Level, Symptoms, Abortives, Oxygen Status etc. 

Future Goals

  • Potentially notifications or email output to aid in removing data from the system
  • Making set up as easy as possible, as close to 1-click as possible.
    • Packaging all components together to reduce setup complexity (MongoDB, WebApp, Front-End)

Warning: If you do try and get this code running, do not make it available to the public internet! It is not a secure app in its out of the box config, and should only be available on your local network or via VPN / ZeroTier etc.

That ended up being longer than expected - thoughts?

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Sorry to hear you are suffering again.
Hopefully you're able to spin this up - i'll run through the readme again tomorrow and try and make it as verbose as possible.
Please feel free to give me a shout if you have any issues with it. Its rough around the edges, but should work once configured.

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4 minutes ago, Dallas Denny said:

@OliWe have a member by the name of Rogier Koning who's had a ongoing project for several years called the nobism app I think....you should be able to glean a lot of info from the responses to his threads. Registrateyourjourney is one of several threads.

Dallas Denny 

Thanks for the reminder! I believe I tried their app out a while ago but didn't get on with it for a few reasons. I will defo go and check out where it has moved onto! 

Have updated the repo with some slightly better instructions on how to host this, if needed.

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@BoscoPiko no worries, i know the cluster brain struggle all too well. I managed to get covid in the last few weeks of my cycle and only symptom was brain fog. I dont know how i managed working...

I just ran through a fresh install of the code to check it was do-able for people, it was a mess. I've updated it now to run under Docker which is the closest I can get to a one-click installer for now. You'll need Docker Desktop on your PC, or a Docker host on your network. https://www.docker.com/products/docker-desktop/

Put together a quick youtube video of the process once you have docker desktop running

Its nearly 4am here so be gentle lol Docker Compose file is here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OliPassey/headache-tracker/Mongo/docker-compose.yml The container has been tested on windows and unraid and works fine, docker-compose file only tested on win11 so far. ymmv.

Shout if you get lost :)

Blog: https://olipassey.me.uk/cluster-headache-tracker/

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