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BOL-148 n the news


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Halpern crows about BOL-148 in an article by the Bloomberg news service.

Already, LSD and psilocybin research by psychiatrist John Halpern at Harvard has led to a drug, dubbed BOL-148, being developed by Boston-based startup Entheogen Corp.

The company is studying BOL-148, an LSD derivative, as a treatment for cluster headaches, sometimes called suicide headaches because theyÂ’re so painful that sufferers often kill themselves, said Halpern, EntheogenÂ’s co-founder.


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Ooh good catch Tommy D, thanks.

That article certainly is a good thing to have out there in the mainstream media IMO, and I see it also touches on the positive after effect a psychedelic mushroom experience can have on a person's outlook, as some of us have personally reported here.  [smiley=thumbup.gif]

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