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Can someone direct me to where I will find more info on this whole mushroom thing. 

Click on the "Forum Jump" drop-down menu toward the bottom of this page.  Choose and click on "Clusterbusters Files".  Start reading the stickies; I think you will find the answers to most questions there. 

Others will be along with more advice.

Hang in there.

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Hi Devilhead,

My heart goes out to you and your husband.

The best place to start reading is the ClusterBuster Files section.


When I joined the site, and read and re-read those files ten times probably. They have a LOT of really good information, and will answer most of your questions. There are also links there to sites where you can buy the supplies you need.

There is a specific file on seeds, number 5 in the list. Also good to read is Playing Well Together (6) and Shutting the Door (7). (They are all good to read, but you might want to start there)

I have a diary in the Share you Busting Stories section that you may also find useful, although it is getting a bit long now. I've chronicled my experiences with shrooms and seeds, and what I've learned along the way. It's the Renee'e Demon Busting Journal.

In short though, some people take as many as 100-150 seeds. The trick being to find the smallest amount that is effective on the clusters, with the smallest trip affects. I normally take around 50, but I started with 30 and worked my way up. If you are unsure about how it is going to affect you, I'd recommend starting with 30-50. My last dose, I took 46, and I don't think that was enough. I'm thinking of increasing to 60 next time.

There is a 5 day wait period between doses, which is explained better than I can do it in the Shutting the Door file.

I've busted a total of 7 times now, 2 with shrooms and 5 times with seeds. I've experienced an 11 day cluster free gap in that time, and that is the longest gap I've had in a year. Also the clusters I do get, are generally shorter and not as strong.

One tip I don't think is in the Seeds file. When you get your seeds, put them (whole) in a glass of water. Push them all to the bottom, and see which ones float. The floaters are duds, and don't have any LSA in them. So toss them in the bin, and only use the seeds that sink. It is similar to the 'floating an egg' trick to see if it is fresh or not. Dry off the seeds, count how many you want to take, crush, soak in a small amount of water (I use a shot glass) for 90 minutes or so with a squirt of lemon juice. Then filter, and drink. For filtering, I use a tea strainer.

It will taste TERRIBLE, so have a glass of water on stand by to wash it down with. Also, works better on an empty stomach, so don't eat for a couple of hours before hand or 90 minutes after.

Tripping varies between people. The first time I took seeds, I felt a little light headed, got REALLY sleepy for an hour or so, and very, very mild nausea. Each time I've taken them, the trip affects have gotten less and less. Many people take them right before bed, and then just go to sleep.

All that said, I'm a fairly newbie to the site and these meds. There are better experts here than I. This has just been my experience.

Good luck, and hang in there.


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Good job, Renee.

You've been given very good advice, dh. The only thing I would add is that your husband should be free of virtually all headache medications for a minimum of 5 days prior to using any of the 'busting' methods described here. Read as much of the ClusterBuster Files as you're willing to and then ask us any questions you may have before trying any of these methods. Welcome. We're glad you're here.


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