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They're Back! Arrggh!

Bill H.

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A couple years ago I posted to this board that I beat the devil by stopping smoking. Some members said they too had stopped smoking and it hadn't stopped the attacks. 

Well, I was wrong. Got hit last night with what seems to be a new cluster cycle after a 13 year hiatus. 

Although I had good resources when I was in NY-- including the wonderful Dr. Larry Newman, I'm now in Central Texas, starting from scratch. We have good quality medical care here, and I have a lead or two that I will follow up as soon as Monday rolls around. And the local hospital will treat me on an emergency basis, though I hate using emergency room services unless absolutely necessary. 

Not sure what triggered these-- I caught what I thought was the flu last week and didn't have any headache symptoms until yesterday-- and then last night, the throbbing ocular one sided pain started. 

So, I'm back in the battle. 

A couple questions for you troopers- first, there is some new injectable that is supposed to work as a blocker. It did not exist back when I was suffering originally.

And if anybody knows, what's up with Medicare and o2 treatment? That was my relief back in the day, for home. The doctor would write a script, and a supplier of tanks would drop off some 02, I bought some hi-flo masks and could at least relieve the suffering temporarily. Now that I'm on Medicare (geezer), I looked up how they covered and it seems to be limited to patients in trials or sanctioned tests. 

If anybody here is in Austin and can give me local insight, it would be appreciated.

It sucks to be back!!!


PS: I could have sworn I was on another board back in the day-- but back then, had a different email address (before I retired). 

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@Bill H.

The new injection is emgality...like most cluster meds it works for some and doesn't for others.

Medicare does cover O2 for clusters now and some here have reported success in getting it.......this change was just made in the last 12 to 18 months.

@Bejeeber is in the Austin area.....Dr Burish and the Will Erwin institute in Houston are great cluster headache options 

Yep, if its been 13 years since you've been here it would have been the old orange yabb powered board.


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57 minutes ago, Dallas Denny said:

@Bejeeber is in the Austin area.....

Yes I am, but since I haven't seen any docs for CH or used O2 since I've relocated here, I'm afraid I must be considered clueless regarding those aspects of the local scene. :(

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