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chronic busting cycles?

anthony g

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Hello all

I just wanted to ask any chronic out there if they busted there cycle or (well i guess its not a cycle if chronic) but guess you know what im asking ;) If so would love feedback as to your approach.

I have done both rc seeds and shrooms and its only really been 3 times busting

3 weeks ago (my first bust) 60 rc seeds felt a bit better

second bust 5 days later 1 gram of shrooms felt a bit more headache activity

3rd bust last sat 70 rc seeds not much difference in my head  :(

I know busting isnt an instant relief usually but I am curious as to other "chronics" approach and success.

I would like to bust this saturday night and dont really know what approach to do.

Input would be great

thanks alot


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busting for about 19 months, cycle started on may19 2010,  had a few PF days scattered through those months, unsuccessful in completely busting cycle

though they havent stopped they are easy to manage and abort with o2, very rarely do i peak over a kip 7


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If your wondering if it will stop completely for a long period, like for an episodic, is that what your wondering? Doesn`t seem to me that is possible. But for me if i do seeds once a month i remain PF. Shadows is just there, they don`t bother me usualy. But i have also been shadow free, but for shorter periods. As i see it, if i am PF for a month i have broken my cycle of hits that used to come every third h. And i sleep well at night, do not wake up 01.27, 02.57 and 04.27 anymore LOL :) I`m sure i could try more busting with shrooms etc but i`m free from it now as i experience it. Life is good :)

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