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ALERT!! Form Spoofing Detected coming from IP addr

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ALERT!! Form Spoofing Detected coming from IP address and then my IP addy I think.

Never saw it before, but searching Google on here brought up a thread where it happened to someone in 09 I think.

Anyway, one email acct. that was open starting going nuts when the notice came up. Nuts: flashing constantly that it was sending notices to somewhere! That was not MY account either, which makes it worse.

When I Googled the info later, it showed several places selling such programs. >:(

I am not too informed on this nonsense. My AVG says all is clear and up to date.

Any help is appreciated! 8-)


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It happens, no worries.

Something to do with your memory cache, cookies, when you last logged in and what else you have open at the time.

I think the day of the week and the lunar cycles play a part too.   ;-)

Usually you can push OK or reload the page and it goes away.

Let me know if it persists.


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