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I have a set of oxy-acetylene tanks and have never had to tell them anything to get them refilled. They just assume you're using the O2 for gas welding, cutting, etc. unless you mention something different. Determine what size tank you want before going to the supplier, walk in the door and tell them. I don't think they even care unless you start talking about car bombs or something.

When I got mine many years ago, you had the option of purchasing the tanks or getting a twenty year lease. Don't know if it's still the same or not. Best bet would be to call a supplier and ask what the options are now.

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If you want to be real, tell them you torch weld and use Acetylene and O2. It's just a hobby. Or, a buddy is teaching you and you will be the 'gofer' for a while. Since you would be a novice, ask THEM questions! Tell them you know enough to turn on the Acetylene first, but the rest is a work in progress. Beyond that, make it up. 8-) You could add that you are having to buy the O2 to get the lessons!

You don't tell them it is for you to use to breathe!!!!!

On my third re-fill, I told my guy that it was for me and my dr. was an idiot. Seems that a lot of people have dealt with idiot dr's and will tend to get on board. Once, over a holiday, I got stuck and was running out. My guy drove 5 miles and delivered two tanks over the weekend. I consider myself very lucky to have formed a working relationship.

Sorry I don't have more to suggest. You could rotate through their outlets if they have more than one nearby so you don't show up every week at the same one. Hopefully someone else will have a better suggestion. Our gas supplier utilizes a tank farm down the hwy. They deliver to the tank farm and I pick up from there. That means I only have to deal with the local welder who stores the tanks for the O2 company.

I do know this though: If you send a woman, she can field the questions better and claim ignorance more easily than you can. She can make up a fairly wild story and get away with it. They are not used to dealing with many women and will excuse the lack of knowledge. You should have heard mine! ::) But, it worked. That is all that matters, right?

BTW: If you lease them, no other company will fill them for you. That is the difference. Leasing is a bit cheaper, but it ties you to one supplier.

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