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  1. Here tis: http://www.telluridemushroomfest.org/
  2. I just bought another new 320 cu. ft tank a few months ago for $350. Don't know what to call it other than 320 cu. ft., it's 56" to the top of the cap and about 8" OD. Watch Craig's List for used tanks, they become available fairly often around here. If buying a used tank, check the certification date stamped on the side of the tank near the top. They have to be pressure tested and re-certified every 10 years. It costs me $24 and change to get my O2 refilled. Make sure you have a place fairly nearby that'll refill tanks rather than exchange them if you buy one. You don't want to take a tank you just had re-certified and exchange it for who knows what. The second tank I bought is for C-25, I don't breath that stuff. My O2 tank I had to have re-certified a couple years for $80 included a new valve. All in all, I'd say that owning your own tank is a less expensive option in the long run, especially as how, unfortunately, your probably gonna use it for the rest of your life anyway.
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    is an eye opener. Getting to be quite a bit of info. on alternative treatments for various conditions, but need to do a lot of double checking. It is the internet after all, lots of BS available also.
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    Thats been my experience with it as well, only worse. Gave me a severe case of diarrhea until I figured out what was causing it and quit taking it. I was taking 20mg., maybe too much.
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    If it's like this, definitely get a diagnosis and follow the good advice above.
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    Can't tell you what type to get, but if you get that part figured out,here's a whole bunch of them. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Hygrometer
  7. You're just one of the chosen few. Lucky us ;D
  8. If I'm reading this correctly, he's done nothing to be forgiven for. You screwed up and embarrassed him. He can forgive you. Yeah, we'd like to have him back on here. Shit happens. We've all been through it at one time or another.
  9. That may have been a slapback. They can be vicious. They seem to be worse than the very thing you're trying to avoid. Actually they're a sign that you're shaking things up and better times are coming. Keep at it every 5-7 days. If LSA works for him, it may take 3 or 4 busts or more to get where you want to be. For me it was 3 doses, and now I just take a maintenance dose every so often. We're all pulling for you.
  10. The dosage is determined by brain size and we're all pretty much the same regardless of body size. I started with 60 seeds and it worked for me so I stuck with it. He won't get any side effects with less than 200 or 250 seeds. It varies a little bit depending on the individual. Most RC seed users only report a good nights sleep as a side benefit. Have no fear, and great luck with the busting.
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    Definitely a bragging fish. Try to top it, I heard that God doesn't subtract from the allotted span of man the time spent in fishing.
  12. Survey done. Mission Accomplished.
  13. Mine started as a result of drinking beer after a hot, dusty day of driving raggedy ass old road trucks with no AC. Finally made the connection between my beer drinking and the HAs. Hadn't heard the term "cluster headache" until I saw some dude on TV describing them and his experiences. Pulling teeth, OTC sinus meds., and the connection to drinking. Couldn't believe what I was hearing, sounded like he was talking about me. He mentioned Clusterheadaches.com. I went from there to here. Been busting with LSA. What a world of difference! Sure would like a cold beer though.
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    We're letting you know...
  15. That's great...although that mushroom looks suspiciously like an amanita muscaria.
  16. Glad they're legit. Unfortunately we're living in a world filled with scams. I'm aware of companies that have been in business for decades doing nothing more than spouting BS in order to procure funds for research. They pay themselves well, but never produce anything but more BS.Truth and honesty seem to have gone the way of the horse and buggy. Theirs still a little of it, but not nearly enough.
  17. First, do some deep checking to make sure they're even legitimate. What the hell, I could have sent that e-mail. Step 1-Send me some money.
  18. Arde

    am I chronic?

    1 gram is a pretty light dose. I think most using shrooms are using 1.5-4 grams.
  19. A sure sign that you're turning into a dirty old man.
  20. Arde

    am I chronic?

    Nah, just stick to one thread, you're easier to find this way. Agree with spiny, go with what got you there. Getting relief from this crap is great isn't it?
  21. Arde

    am I chronic?

    The psilocybe cubensis growing in the pastures is basically the same as the strains being cultivated by many. They can be harvested any time after the veil breaks. They are probably potent even before the veil breaks although I've never picked them that small. The first one I picked many years ago, I just washed it off and ate it. But ever since then I always made tea. Get some water hot, near boiling, chop or break the shroom up and put it in the water to steep. Once it's cooled off, strain and drink. The dosage is always a crap shoot as the potency can vary. It might be best to dry them cracker dry and weigh out your dose. Oh yeah, and probably needless to say, wash them off first so you're making tea and not beef stew. If you're not familiar with identifying them, you might want to have someone that knows show you the right kind. They're easy to ID once you've seen them as they have a thick white stem that usually stains blue where they've been cut. Turn it over and they have many fine gills and partial gills that are described as purple black, but they just look black to me. Normally they range in size from 2"-6" but I've seen them larger. The cap color will vary depending on water content. Usually a light tan or golden tan near the center fading to almost creamy and then darker again near the edge.
  22. Arde

    am I chronic?

    If you know someone that'll let you wander around in their cow pasture, you won't have to wait. With the recent rains we've had, they should be popping up like gangbusters right now. It's the season.
  23. Body size doesn't really have much to do with it. It's brain size. Some have started with 25-35 seeds and got good results, others have started with more. I used 60 and got an effective dose so have never changed my dose level. Really, you just have to experiment with dosages until you find what works for you. If the first dose doesn't seem to cause any changes in your HA's, wait 5 days and try a larger number of seeds. Just be ready for the slapbacks with an abortive, they can be worse than the CH's you normally get for some damn reason. I had some after my first time dosing, but very few after my second time. Third time was a charm. Now I may get a rogue hit every once in a great while or an occasional shadow, but nothing that an energy drink doesn't knock out in 5 to 10 minutes. Some recommend starting small and working up, I decided to start a little larger and not mess around with it. Good luck with your bust. Oh, and about the Gurana, never heard of it either, I like my caffeine, but that Gurana stuff sounds too much like guano. ;D
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