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  1. I drink Rip It. Prefer the Stinger Mo, 1016 mg. taurine and 85 mg. caffeine. Keep it at room temp. in order to get it down faster. Seems to work as well as any other brand, and at $1.00 a can, less expensive. The Citrus tastes OK also in my opinion. Been wondering if I couldn't just buy a container of taurine and mix it with coffee when the need arises. Seems like I would get the same results if it's just a matter of taurine and caffeine, and the B vitamins and other additives in the energy drinks aren't a factor. I saw containers of taurine for sale for a little over $9.00. Didn't pay much attention to it, but they were in containers that appeared to be about quart size, so would last a while.
  2. Well, a happy and PF birthday to you.
  3. http://psychoactiveherbs.com/catalog/index.php Just received an order last week.
  4. That's been my technique also, seems to work very well. Long ago, pre HA days, I consumed Heavenly Blue recreationally, I just popped the seeds in my mouth and chewed them up. Always got the desired effects and some undesired nausea. I think your stomach will take care of most of the extraction process for you.
  5. "there aint no words", Whasa matter boy, you aint got no larnin? ;D
  6. Many considered them to be miracle drugs in the 60s & 70s.
  7. I'm not gonna tell you your beautiful, just not that kinda guy. But it does look like a crew that can handle things.
  8. Arde

    groovy tunes

    Dontcha wish  (is that a word?)
  9. and give "3rd Stone From the Sun" a double meaning.
  10. Arde

    groovy tunes

    I'm enjoying all the music vids. Could partially be because the only musical instrument I play is the radio, but I can play it with the best of them. Keepem coming.
  11. Trading a CH for a broken nose... There are easier and less painful ways, as you well know. ;D Am interested in what species of mushroom you are harvesting, you got my curiosity up.
  12. Absolutely, the medicinal use of psychedelics has been life changing.
  13. Oh, I could have got it easy enough. I have an oxy-acetylene rig with an empty O2 tank, and just haven't bothered to refill it. When I need to use the torch, I'll refill, no problem. Actually, didn't really need O2, as the energy drinks made things tolerable.
  14. Go with what Bejeeber & jayhedges told you. I personally used the RC seeds 3 times, and about a month and a half later used 2 doses of LSD and have been painfree since. Never have used O2 as I didn't happen to have any. Used energy drinks instead. They helped a lot, didn't terminate the HAs, but lessened the intensity and shortened the duration. Was able to tough it out. RC seeds are legal (until you eat them), unlike LSD or psylocibin. It either works, or it doesn't. Live free. Best of luck to your lady.
  15. Arde

    New Member

    I recall reading, pre internet, about mushrooms being tested after being stored in a museum for 25 years, and still containing psylosibin. Didn't say if it was trace amounts or what. Offhand I would guess that it's a fairly stable chemical.
  16. Amen brother. Your experience sounds about like mine although I used RC. Life becomes great again
  17. Arde

    Gulf Oil Mess

    Maybe we don't need to cleanup along the Gulf after all. If this doomsday methane bubble gets us just at the time we're gearing up to watch for killer asteroids it won't matter. If you're the paranoid type, you might not want to read this article, as it won't help you sleep any better. Oh well, enjoy life while you got it.
  18. If you could just get the state of Oregon to sponsor Vortex 2, I'd quite my job to be there. I've been waiting years for this event and it still hasn't happened. For those not familiar with Vortex 1 here ya go. Was there and had a great time. Also lived in Oregon at the time.
  19. You don't have to like it, you just have to drink it. It's kinda like eating vegetables.
  20. I would be willing to bet that mescaline would work, but you just don't find it available anymore. Having chewed a peyote button or two long ago, I often wondered who was the first person to do this? It was, and still is the most vile tasting thing I've ever had in my life. I thought that whoever it was would have spit it out immediately. Must have been someone with defective taste buds. Oh well, as they say, "Eat eight, mate".
  21. I'm just the opposite, and I think most are.
  22. Interesting article, but showing an Amanita mushroom is a bit misleading. Hope no one uses it as a means of identification when looking for "magic mushrooms".
  23. Came across this cleanup tool (7:53) that seems to be safe and effective. "The Texas Land Office and Texas Water Commission successfully used 'oil eating' microbes to clean up large oil spills in just weeks. Microbes hunt down and eat the toxic oil and leave only a biodegradable waste that is non-toxic to humans and marine life." Has already been successfully used in the bay at Galveston TX. So why isn't it being used along the gulf coast now? If it is, why haven't we heard about?
  24. Does BOL have any advantages over LSD other than legality? And what would the comparative expense be if available? Think I would rather stick with what is known to be safe and effective rather than be a guinea pig, but that's just me.
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