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  1. ahh...That would be the Waterboys momma.
  2. Good to hear that getting shot in the face with pepper spray has a silver lining.
  3. Another possibility http://btjunkie.org/search?q=inside+lsd
  4. http://www.ralphstersspores.com Fixed it for ya. Mind boggling array of choices.
  5. Thought I'd put in a good word for psychoactiveherbs as well, as I received my order in today's mail. They seem to be on the ball and taking care of business. Ordered on the 19th and received order by priority mail on the 23rd with a weekend in the middle.
  6. Arde


    That's the way psylocibe cubensis grows. The cow paddy acts like a green house for the mycelium, and breaks down the grass under it providing nourishment.
  7. You beat me to this without checking this thread. I just got done ordering from psychoactiveherbs as well. 100 seeds for $15 is the best price I have found yet for those sites still selling them. I also emailed them asking if they were "viable" and "untreated" and I got a reply this morning saying, "yes they are". I also placed an order with them the other day. Danny says they're on the way. I noticed several posters mentioning a case of nausea after ingesting the seeds. I used Heavenly Blue many years ago recreationaly and had that experience as well. If you care to, there is a simple extraction process that will eliminate the problem. Details are available from several sources on the web. The same process works for HBWR as well.
  8. Still can't get over the idea of needing a prescription for O2. Seems akin to needing a prescription for water. A welders supply can supply O2, and the only diff. I have surmised is that it is not filtered. The air I breath here isn't filtered either and I seem to be doing OK with it so far.
  9. You might try this place, I have no experience with them so am not recommending, only offering a possibility. Don't know what you have been paying as the price seems high for what are basically morning glory seeds. Good Luck
  10. Arde

    the season

    Well now it's Happy Valentines Day! And remember guys, two hours of pleading isn't foreplay.Â
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