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  1. tucker


    Nikkk, I would suggest going to the cluster files, I believe most of your questions can be answered there. Hang in there!
  2. I was episodic but cycles were lasting so much longer I feared I was advanceing to chronic. My cycles starting have never had a pattern. No I did not feel as though a cycle was getting ready to start, it was just a maintenance dose. The mm was fresh, 6 months old, kept in freezer. The cycle was my shortest in 30 years, (6 weeks) busting with seeds and D3 regimen, aborting with O2, and staying off imitrex and all other meds.
  3. I had been pain free for 3 1/2 years doing a maintainence dose of mm every 8 weeks, using anywhere from 2 to 2.5 grams, not sure why but I decided to up the dose to 3.5 grams, I had a really bad trip, started a cycle about 2 weeks later and for now have lost the effect of mm. Using seeds now, hoping someday it will work again.
  4. Jannim, I was a welder until I retired, your boyfriend probably has access to everything he will need for a temporary O2 set up to abort CH until he can get the recommended protocol. I will be glad to walk him through setting it up and how to use it if he wants.
  5. Suzz, make sure you study the information we have here on O2, and see if it coincides with what the doctors regimen is "Ours works" I understand the fear of getting off the imitrex, I have been there, make the O2 regimen here a "priority" very very important. There are also other options for oxygen other than the doctor if you can't get what you need. We will help you.
  6. I would recommend starting with approximately 1.5 cracker dry grams, I would also recommend reading the attached link before starting. https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/683-4-the-psilocybin-mushroom/
  7. For a number of years the majority of my attacks occurred at night (with in an hour after I fell asleep) I never felt like they were rebounding until I would get into high cycle and then once I started having attacks during the day, I would start rebounding. I also feel like the imitrix prolonged my cycles. Get your O2 as soon as possible and if you need to take a shot before then just do it and don't stress out about it.
  8. tucker

    O2 Tank

    Go to forums, click on cluster buster files, check out D3 regimen, it will give you a list of what you need and how to do the 30 day loading. Three years ago when I tried it I did not get no relief either but this time I was more thorough with the instructions and it has helped me a great deal.
  9. tucker

    O2 Tank

    IBH, what really helped me with my last cycle was the D3 regimen, if you are not already trying it I would suggest you look into it, shorter cycle and helped with the severity of the attacks. Ed
  10. Outstanding, so glad for you. Just remember if the doctor does not want to comply with what is needed for the proper oxygen set up you can go the way of welding supply for O2, we will help walk you through the set up. The proper O2 set up is the best weapon for fighting attacks.
  11. All I was able to find in the vitamin A was 10,000 iu also, I did do the accelerated dosing for the first month as suggested, I thought I was maybe noticing results after about 3 weeks but was not sure, but after 5 weeks I felt certain that it had helped me, I had the shortest cycle in 30 years, and almost all of my attacks I was able to abort with O2. I am continuing on with it even after the cycle has ended, I feel like I have gotten other benefits from it also. Really hope you have the success with it I have had. Ed
  12. A little over 3 years ago I found this site, I had been dealing with clusters for around 30 years and the cycles were getting progressively worse and longer, I was at a point that I would max out almost daily on the amount of imitrex I could take, I had been in cycle for around 7 months, (I was terrified I had gone chronic) the steps I took once I got here was, getting set up with the "high volume oxygen" next was to get completely weaned from the Imitrex, (which would have been impossible for me without the oxygen) and then to try to bust with what was suggested here, I was fortunate to be able to get the mushrooms and fortunate that they worked for me the way they did, I was pain free for 39 months, (up to that point 14 months was my longest pain free time) I have been back in cycle now for the last six weeks, other than a few times I have stayed off the Imitrex (which I feel was the main factor in my cycles lasting longer and harder) and depend on oxygen to abort the attacks, which works almost always, I also give credit to the D3 regimen for helping to keep the pain level of attacks down and the frequency of attacks further appart. "Hope is found here" I urge you to read all you can on this site with an open mind and ask any questions you may have. Tucker...
  13. You may be able to have the diaphragm replaced in your regulator for a small cost, most welding supplys will do it for you in just a matter of minutes
  14. I have been CH free for 20 months now which is the longest period of time in between cycles I have had in 25 years, until starting medicate with mushrooms my cycles were lasting up to the point that (9 and 10 months) I feared I had gone chronic, and there were only a few months in between the cycles. I have been dosing with mushrooms throughout this entire period, usually at 8 week intervals. I dosed 3 weeks ago and had the usual day after shadow, but now I have had a couple of shadows in the last few days now, I am not sure that shadows are a sure sign that a cycle is coming and was wondering if you thought that I should dose again or just continue on my 8 week maintenance. I know there is no set path here, I was just wanting to get some feed back. Thanks
  15. I am so thankful for this site and the understanding and compassion found here!
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