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    When do you consider your cycle over?

    It sounds strange but I can feel it I know as soon as I’m getting ready to start and when it goes away. It’s good for me so I drag all of my stuff out. Like people have said before a decline in frequency almost like it started it goes away the same
  2. Myhedhrts

    My sister, I"m helpless

    High flow o2 at onset. Sumatriptan injections when that doesn’t work. Hot shower directed at my head. I’ve been having success with micro dosing. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone and I’m sorry it is happening
  3. Myhedhrts

    Constantly drooping eye

    Yeh right after I wrote this I did some research. I think it had to do with my right eye having more of an astigmatism then my left I guess it’s common with people with that problem. I guess it’s correlation doesn’t mean causation. I appreciate getting back to me though. I’m glad I have a place I can go and ask questions and people get back to me. I appreciate it
  4. Myhedhrts

    Constantly drooping eye

    Hi, everyone I have had episodic ch for about 20 yrs and I know that when I am having an attack my face gets droopy on the side where it always hurts. Over the past couple of months I have noticed my right eye won’t open up as far as it usually did. It’s like it’s lazy all of a sudden.always pain in my right eye. I am currently in remission. I wanted to know if anyone had experienced this? Could it be a signal that my glorious remission is almost over? It is hard to explain but I can tell when it’s waking up I can feel it in my body. So far I haven’t felt it. Thanks guys have a good day
  5. Myhedhrts

    Rebound headaches

    Now I'm at the point where I don't know what to do I'm out of 02 till Monday and I am afraid to take my shots
  6. Myhedhrts

    Rebound headaches

    Has anyone experienced rebound headaches particularly from immitrex injections ? How did you know that's what it was?
  7. Myhedhrts

    link between drug abuse and CH

    I am a recovering addict and I had always thought that my past drug use had caused my headaches. though I found out yesterday that my maternal grandfather also had ch.
  8. Myhedhrts

    what do you do when you're struck down at work??

    I carry those portable hand warmers they work until my shot kicks in