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Skinny Cher's

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I was reading yesterday that anorexia (lack of appetite) has some of the same serotonin receptor stuff (receptor 5HT 2A) and hypothalamus issues as CH. :o I need to double check on the specific receptor, unless one of ya'll already has that info to post here.

I saw my PCP and Neuro in the past two weeks. Since I have lost so much weight this last 6 months, I asked both for something to help my lack of appetite. Both said "You are fine. Lets just get you through the pain first."

So wrong. They are used to treating very obese people up here, so a TOO skinny patient is always an asset to them! Meanwhile, I feel like an old cow pie. >:( Stomped on and dried in the sun poop!

Totally weirded out that serotonin and the wonderful Hypo are part of the skinny part too. I think I will try some herbs to help if my last hope annual visit next week yields the same stupid results. :-/


Walking Bean Pole

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There's something wrong with your doctors if they think that being underweight is okay.

It could be the pain causing it, or an actual medical condition. I would demand they run endocrine tests, or send me to an endocrinologist.

I BARELY have an appetite most of the time. I force myself to eat once a day at least, and if I'm not in pain I'll eat much more than while in it.

Since the hypothalamus controls hunger, and thirst, I kinda also suspect it's a symptom of our condition, too.

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Yep Pixie, that is what I think as well. Amazing the $hit the Hypo does, isn't it?

Yes, there is something wrong with my doctors. They are stoopid! Good thing I take the D3 stuff! 8-)

Bottom line, if I cook it, I can't eat it. >:( McSlime is out of the question. Spoon of peanut butter is a big help.

Hope you are recovering well! :)

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No appetite and skinny here also.

For sure is hypothalamus related, and I have many other symptoms linking to hypothalamus and that area of the brain also.

Only now that I know about the hypothalamus can I link these lifelong symptoms, since I didn't know about the hypothalamus before. So these past weeks, I've been dealing with many of these symptoms and I feel my hypothalamus tilting free games.

Since my neuro raised her shoulders when I mentioned the hypothalamus, I figure it's no use raising that issue with any doctor.

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