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More 'fun' for me. D:


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Hey guys. Thanks for all the well wishes. I believe they worked. :)

Basically, the surgery was already set for Tuesday,the First.

But when I went in to see my doctor last Thursday, I passed out for a few seconds in the elevator. I didn't hit the floor, but I did hit the bar/handrail on the back of the elevator. Mom grabbed me, and I'd come to already.

So doc explained that basically, where the tubing was going into the stomach it was completely blocked. Either I scarred down on the tubing too heavily, or the general surgeon closed up the place where the tubing was too tight.

I'm kinda blaming the general surgeon cause he was the last one to touch my shunt and he wasn't my neurosurgeon! LOL.

I had the choice to go home, or stay there if we didn't feel safe with me going home. We  chose to go to the hospital. My Aunt drove my Mom and I there. They started me up on painkillers and morphine while they ran tests.

I felt pretty Godawful, then every doctor who came in was  like "TUESDAY'S OUR DAY!" "Tuesday's the BIG DAY"

Mom and I got to talking about it, and she said I should act confused the next time someone said it.

Her:"Is that the big day Santy clause comes into town?"

Me: "Maybe someone is getting married!"

Her:"*Gasp* Is there something you're not telling me?"

Me: "Oh yeah. My shunt and I are renewing our vows tomorrow."

Her:""Please get it right this time, you two do that way too often."

Tuesday rolled around, got the surgery. Something they gave me caused a HORRIBLE cluster headache on waking. So I was sobbing.

The nurse who was stuck taking care of me at the time (the one assigned to me went to lunch so she had to oversee me in recovery.) told me I needed to stop crying or the pain meds couldn't work.

Well, this pissed me off.

Then when I asked for my Mom she said "Yes, but you need to stop crying, it'll scare her to see you like this."

I went off on her. "My Mom has seen me have cluster headaches EVERY DAY. This wouldn't bother OR SCARE HER."

We wound up reporting her because you can't say shit like that to patients and get away with it!

I was okay for the first few hours after surgery, but then the anesthesia wore off and I was back in pain.

The day after they made me walk a ways and that hurt so bad my nurse had to get them to give me an extra dose of morphine.

Then yesterday my pain was under control.

We're positive that this time the shunt is working, because I felt completely different head wise after the surgery. Everyone could tell a major difference in me!

I love y'all! <3 Missed y'all also.


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YAY for the working shunt!  :) Cocktail parties on both sides of the head for everyone!  ;D

BOO for the horrible CH upon waking!!  :( :'( >:(

LOL  at:

"Is that the big day Santy clause comes into town?"


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