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More 'fun' for me. D:


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I figured I'd let y'all know ahead of time I might be out for a bit again.

Tomorrow I get what's called a shuntogram, where do a lumbar puncture and inject radioactive isotopes into my spine, then take images to watch and see if my shunt is working properly.

(And they're damn well going to put me under some heavy sedation before attempting to do that or I'm gonna punch someone.)

Either my brain / body is taking an extra long time to get used to the shunt this time around, or it's possible the shunt is malfunctioning again. If it's the latter, I get more surgery, probably to put in a new one.

If it's just my body needing to adjust we wait around a few months and see what happens.

I'm nervous as hell. I've had over 250 LP's, and haven't enjoyed any damn one of 'em except when I had ketamine. I always go in expecting them to try to use versed on me, which just turns me into a raging maniac.

Luckily my hits are on the low cycle side of things still mostly, and I've  got about a month before the beast starts to get real ugly again.

Anyways, I love you guys. Anything happens Kage will keep y'all up to date.


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Thank y'all for the well wishes. <3


Man I sure hope you're in and outa there in as much of a jiffy as possible, and I seriously mean toot sweet!

Please, let there be a good alternative to more fecking shunt surgery.  :-?

Tomorrow, SHOULD just be me going there, them drugging me up, jabbing my spine, and taking pics then I go home. Unless they do some major damage along the way or see something that's urgent on the scan. We're bringing a bag just in case because I've had some LP's go horribly wrong. (I've already got some severe nerve damage in there. I HATE LP's.)

If the procedure goes alright, then I get to go home, and see my neurosurgeon in a week, then he'll tell me what we'll do. That's the outcome I'm hoping for. I just didn't want to possibly up and poof and leave Kage to explain when in this case it's kind of forseeable.

The other thing is I might be super out of it for a week or two after the shuntogram, so I'd rather people know that too so when I start derping all over the place...  ;)

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I was KOed for the LP/injection so that went great! They didn't seem to damage any nerves either.

The shuntogram part was only supposed to take 45 minutes or so, and wound up taking 4 hours. Dunno what that says about my shunt. They said doc should have the results tomorrow. Hoping I can just call and find out instead of having to go in.

The nurse who sat with me after I woke up mentioned that I got "Milk of Michael Jackson." Propofol. I commented on how he was crazy to have used it outside of a hospital and that I wouldn't EVER want to.

Then he informs me that at certain doses of Propofol you get "special" dreams. Which was probably why MJ was using it. At first I was thinking "What kind?" then he mentioned a woman woke up from it and wanted to know if her boyfriend had been there. They all said no and she kinda went awkward quiet.

I figured out what kind of dreams he meant. LMAO.

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Called the doc's office, receptionist couldn't tell me anything and said a nurse would have to call me to 'explain' the results to me. Ugh.

BTW, Ketamine is way better than propofol. Propofol I just pass out and have no dreams. Ketamine, I thought I was an anesthesiologist when they gave it to me! LMAO. The hallucination was SO REAL. It was awesome.

LOL Mystina you never cease to amaze and entertain me.

I'm glad to know you're okay and recovering well. Are you having any pain issues? Stiffness?

My back and shunt are currently hurting pretty bad from it unfortunately. It was hurting last night too. I don't think the healing tissue in my abdomen liked all of those radioactive isotopes up in 'em.

My head is kinda like "Did you REALLY think letting them inject more fluid into me was an okay idea? SERIOUSLY? WTF."  :D

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Okay so I seem to be recovering from the isotopes finally. Still pretty uncomfy but my belly doesn't feel like it has 5000 microscopic daggers in it anymore.

I called for my results and found out that no, the nurses could not explain them to me, and I have to go in Thursday to have doc explain it.

Not really all that surprised by that since the damn test took way longer than it should have. I'm thinking if it is bad, it doesn't require immediate hospitalization since I'm not going to his hospital office. I might be eating my words on that later though, knowing my luck. :P

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I'm thinking if it is bad, it doesn't require immediate hospitalization since I'm not going to his hospital office...

Yeah let's go with the plan A of it not being bad!  8-) It will be a fine day indeed when you get past all this dam bullsh**  balogna baloney.  :)

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Well, my words, I am eating them sort of.

I just got called by day surgery.

They have me set for LP shunt placement on the first. I was like "I already HAVE an LP shunt." "Well, it says here LP shunt failure."

So I'm kind of relieved, now that I know, but the other half of me is sitting here going "HOLY FECKING FECK FECK FECKERS!!!"

Along with a lot of other cuss words.  ;)

(Also totally explains why last night I was hearing a dinner party over on one side of my ear when my room was completely silent. lmao.)

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UGH3.  :'(

Very disappointed and sorry to hear that.  :'( Well let's assume they're really going to get this one working just right, and you'll be able to part company with them for a good while and enjoy a life without dinner parties on one side of the head. :D Time for dinner parties on BOTH sides of the head.  ;D

We have that poll going regarding which side people experience CH on - will we need to have one now on which side their dinner parties are on??  :D

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Jeebs, Maybe! lmao. Honestly, I'm kind of relieved. If it wasn't failed, I'd be really worried that something else bad was wrong.

The symptoms mimic a brain tumor, so, it could be all sorts of nasty things.  Which hearing totally crazy sounds can be a part of it.

I hope the next time I hear a dinner party going on I'm actually AT a dinner party. XD

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