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Taurine Supplements


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I'm not having much luck finding anything on Taurine supplements on the site.  The regular infusion of Monster energy drinks has me wanting to try just the Taurine without all the other stuff in the Monster. 

I just picked up a bottle from GNC today.  500mg - Recommended dose on the label says 1 to 2 pills daily with food.  WebMD says 2 to 6 grams daily (4 to 12 tablets) for other various medical conditions.

Has anyone had any experience taking taurine supplements morning and night?  Reading how taurine is used and needed by the body looks like it's something that would only help one's body.




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Jeff, I remember that both kaboom and tingeling have recommended the taurine supplements.  This is from a 2011 post by Ting:

>>>>I use Taurin capsules every day. Every morning i wake up having a hit, first thing i take one capsule Taurin along with 0.7 l of water, then i drink one cup black coffee and more water. On a bad day, i drink one Red Bull as well. This i do before i even dress. Then it`s O2. During the day i keep my blood sugar stabile,eating whole grain foods and vegetables, non refined. Somewhere beetween 12 and 15, i take one more capsule of Taurin. Everyday i do this, having one or two h of exercise as well. It doesn`t make it go away of course, but it helps too keep it under control. And you benefit from it as well.<<<

Hope this helps!


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