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Things we do during in an emergency!!!

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Night before last, I was staying at a hotel with no O2 or anything else. I had gone down the mountain and been PF for a fw days, so I figured I was safe.

I ate Tiramisu for desert instead of waiting for coffee. Evidently they don't put much caffeine in the Starbucks brand and woke with a heckuva hit shortly after falling asleep!!!!! You know the type, escalates from 7 to 9 in ten steps to the bathroom.  >:( Alone with nothing sucked.

I could barely see, but the old brain helped a bit and I made a full pot of coffee with enough water for 1/2 cup. Dumped all the little paper packets of whatever in it and downed the nasty mess. Sat in the bathroom and rocked with the old wet cloth held to my head for about 15 minutes. Really close to up-chucking the coffee. Then I could see again. Another 30 minutes and I was asleep! 8-)

Note to self: Never leave home without Bottled coffee or something in my pocket for relief! ::) Starbucks double shot expresso has taurine in it! Nice find on the way back home. :)

Happy Friday to All!!!  :)

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Starbucks double shot expresso has taurine in it!

spiny, I think the product that has taurine in it is "Starbucks Doubleshot Energy + Coffee."  That's a different thing from "Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso," which I don't think has taurine.  The cans look almost exactly the same.

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Like I say, very similar looking:

sbdses.jpg[/img] sb-ds-en.jpg[/img]

You're right, though -- the Starbucks website does not list taurine as an ingredient in either the "energy drink" or the "espresso."  In fact, a search of the entire Starbucks website doesn't turn up "taurine" anywhere!

However, many older websites do show taurine as an ingredient in the Starbucks "doubleshot energy" drink. (For example, http://voices.yahoo.com/starbucks-doubleshot-energy-drink-review-3730222.html and http://www.energyfiend.com/caffeine-content/starbucks-double) 

So I'm wondering whether Starbucks has recently changed the ingredients in the "energy drink" to exclude taurine, but maybe there are still a whole lot of cans of the old formulation being sold.  Only other thing I can think of is that there's still taurine in it, but they're not saying so, but I assume that would be somehow illegal.

The can for the old one, which seems to have included taurine, is different.  It looks like this:


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