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Flashes of light in the eye


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Hi everyone,

Probably a long shot here, but maybe not.

Sometimes when my eyes are closed I get a flash of light around the edges. Have googled it, and migraine sufferers sometimes get this, as well as it possibly being an indication of more severe eye problems (will have my eyes checked soon).

I'm curious if it is possibly a cluster related thing, and if anyone has experienced it.

It doesn't happen during an track headache or migraine, necessarily. But can.



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I do not suffer from migraines, CH only. I started, maybe 2 - 3 weeks ago, getting light flashes in my left eye. It happens when my eyes are both closed and open, and I get this quite a few times a day. I was afraid it might be something serious (retinal detachment), so I had it checked out this morning.

Turns out, all seems fine. I need to go back for another test this week-end, but for now it looks good.

I was wondering as well is if was a CH thing.

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I had an eye test this past week, and I talked it over with my optometrist, and she said it could either be migraine related or the jelly bit at the back of they eye pulling/contracting.

if it happens in one eye, then it is most likely the jelly pulling, if both eyes, most likely migraine related.

But, I haven't had migraines for a long time, which like you, makes me wonder if other Clusterheads get them.

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Have you been diagnosed with a Horner's Syndrome?

I have.  And my right eye (right side is CH side) is so sensitive to light that I cannot even begin to explain it.

I can be in a totally dark bathroom with my eyes closed tightly and flick a lighter behind my back and its like a bullet to my right eye.

Anyways, yes, I do get flashes from time to time in the right eye.  I often wear an eye patch because of it.  Those flashes are actually a form of a shadow for me personally.  If my sensitivity level goes up, it's time to run for the o2 because the beast is lurking.

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