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  1. ;D ;D I thought about posting a translation underneath for everyone else...
  2. Vicodine1968, Si tu as des questions concernant ce que vous avez acheté, n’hésite pas à me contacter. Je souffre de ces maux de tête depuis plus de 10 ans, et j’ai essayé plusieurs méthodes. A-t-elle eu de bons résultats avec l'oxygène? Le type de masque aide énormément, et c’est ce qui peut faire toute la différence quand on essaie de couper les autres medications pour un “bust” qui fonctionnera. J’espère que ta copine aura quelques moments de répit sous peu. Jessica
  3. Thank you! I had seen this episode before, but didn't remember his name. I thought it was so brave of him to go on TV, give his real name, and admit to growing mushrooms at home.
  4. I was browsing the page for the conference in Chicago to see if any new speakers (and an agenda) had been added, and noticed this: "And a very special session: - "Talking About Cluster Headache and Treatments - A Group Participation Open Forum" led by Mr. Dan Ervin - Clusterhead and Star of a National Geographic Television Show." Now I am curious... What National Geographic show would that be?
  5. That is crazy. I'm in Quebec, and had to purchase Imitrex in the past at a time where I had no insurance. I paid full price, and it was only 100$ CDN for a set of 2 shots. And I thought that was a lot...
  6. You got that right. It's totally ridiculous. I wonder if the people sometimes stop and think about what they are saying... When I gave birth to my first child, I was hit with a full blown cycle a few hours after birth (never had cycles like the ones after I gave birth, they were HORRIBLE). I was still in the hospital, where I was prescribed O2 for clusters in the past, and it's written right there in my file. But when I asked for O2, they treated me like I was this drug addict asking for a fix. They suggested they find a doctor who could prescribe a narcotic for me to pass the night until my own doctor was in to see me, but in no way would they let me use O2. They only gave in after I made a scene in the hallway, and threatened to take my baby and leave on the spot because I had my own O2 at home.
  7. Prednisone, in my experience, is way more effective than Verapamil. That being said, I take Verap when I am hit, because of the side effects of Prednisone. I don't mind the weight gain so much, but in the long term, it could be pretty damaging (if taken pretty often or in high doses). My uncle underwent hip replacement surgery in both hips because of his prednisone use. That was kind of an eye opener for me.
  8. You're AgentOrange? The poem is really good.
  9. The same way they begin. I start with shadows that become more and more frequent, then 1 to 3 attacks per day, at kip 6 or 7, and I'll work up to 6-8 attacks per day that are extremely painful. Then, they'll gradually get better pain wise, and I'll get fewer per day, ending with just the shadows. All my cycle were like this, except the two cycles I had after childbirth (2007 & 2009). They were hell, starting full blast hours after the birth of my kids, and lasting longer than usual (though that might have been because of lack of sleep! )
  10. I just saw this post, and had to give my 2 cents as I feel strongly about this subject. First, to answer the initial question, using mushrooms was not at all a big deal for me. It is illegal to possess and consume them in Quebec (as is marijuana), but if you have small quantities, the worst that can happen is having them confiscated. I once had a cop knocking at my door while smoking weed because my neighbor had called the suicide hotline, and all he said was that he could smell it, and continued on his way. A lot of people in my family smoke weed, some with very respectable jobs. I also had taken shrooms recreationally as a teen, so I knew what I was getting into. I told my mom (who does not do any drugs whatsoever) how it could help, but that I wasn't sure I wanted to try because I was a new mother and didn't want drugs in my house. After reading some articles here, she found the mushrooms herself, paid for them too, and gave them to me. She said I just HAD to try it. I also don't think anything that grows in nature can be that bad. Between alcohol, marijuana and shrooms, I believe the one that causes more damage is the only legal one. Not that smoking weed is good, but if it has to be illegal, alcohol should be as well.
  11. That's what I do. I'm in Quebec, so I usually speak french. The proper name for cluster headaches in french is "céphalée de horton", which translates to horton cephalalgia. As most people don't even know that cephalalgia means headache, I can explain the symptoms and the type of pain. I will always finish by saying: "it is also known as cluster headaches, or suicide headaches". Then and again, you get the idiot that thinks he has them too, and will argue with you that he\she knows more than you do. The world is filled with idiots, so it's bound to happen. And I'm just an episodic sufferer...! But those reactions still kinda bother me, ya know?!!
  12. I wouldn't sign up to be part of the trial, that's for sure. I would have to hear about a lot of CH'ers who have tried it successfully before considering it myself, but it might be because I am just a wuss.
  13. That reassures me. And I really, really want to go. I already advised my boss I would be changing my hours that week, and planned help with getting my kids to daycare\school while away.
  14. I was supposed to attend last year, but couldn't get time off work... As I have a new job, I will be able to go this year! I've never met someone with CH in person before... And the conferences sound so interesting. The only thing that worries me, like all travels by plane, is that I will not be able to bring O2. How do you guys deal with CH when away?
  15. I do not suffer from migraines, CH only. I started, maybe 2 - 3 weeks ago, getting light flashes in my left eye. It happens when my eyes are both closed and open, and I get this quite a few times a day. I was afraid it might be something serious (retinal detachment), so I had it checked out this morning. Turns out, all seems fine. I need to go back for another test this week-end, but for now it looks good. I was wondering as well is if was a CH thing.
  16. Wow, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I never knew. Though since I love the stories, I don't keep up with what goes on in the actors lives. Poor him and anyone who suffers with CH... But talking about it in interviews might help people understand how bad it is. I hate it when I try to explain to someone what I go through, and get as an answer: "oh, I have migraines too, they're not that bad". I wish I had migraines...
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