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Anyone using Kudzu?

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Here's some info from Dr. Sewell's study of kudzu in terms of dosage (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1526-4610.2008.01268.x/pdf):

>>>Efficacy for cluster attack in this group showed a

clear dose–response relationship: 3 of the 4 treatment

nonresponders were taking less than 1000 mg a day

(total pill weight; actual dose of kudzu is substantially

less), and only 3 of 7 (43%) patients taking kudzu less

than 3 times a day showed benefit. Of the 6 who

reported no effects or worse effects from kudzu, all

were taking it less than 3 times a day, whereas 8 of 10

(80%) taking the more frequent dose benefitted

(Fig. 1). Side effects were mild and infrequent, the

most common being gastrointestinal effects experi-

enced by 4 (25%). <<<

There are very extensive discussions of kudzu at ch.com, which you can find by typing kudzu into the search bar at the top left of the page.  As I remember, there was some concern back then that kudzu might block the effectiveness of triptans if you took the kudzu too close in time to the triptan.  I don't know if that was verified or not.

Have you tried melatonin?

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