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stormy weather


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about a month ago we experienced some kind of tropical depression that lasted about two weeks finally ending with a major down poor. during that time the beast wouldn't. let me sleep then after the rain he fizzled out. now we have a tropical storm building and the beast visits again. defiantly a weather thing...hmm >:(

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Don't know what to do about it. :'( Except, you can always get a betting pool going! You would have a heck of an edge predicting rain. ;D

Personally, I don't change altitude. Which means that when in cycle, I don't leave this mountain! It does limit life a bit, but what the heck. Beats getting hit big time coming back home.

You could also adjust your maintenance schedule to accommodate those rough times of year. Calm time of year = longer period between vits. Rotten weather = shorter period between vits. Don't think you would regret doing that since you now know another trigger!

And yeah, it sucks the big one. >:(

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Hey there jimmys .....

Welcome to the "pressure drop, then run for O2 club".  We can hide from Mother Nature's heat, cold, wind, rain and snow ...... but there's no escape from dropping atmospheric pressure.  Dang, it's the weather variable (besides heat maybe) that just kicks our butts and is definitely a CH trigger for me too.

Unless you're like ricardo ..... I wonder if he ever build that hyperbaric chamber?

Natures air pressure drops are usually much less than driving to the mountains or flying in an airliner.  You can get many days notice of these fluctuations, but what can you do?  Might as well just sit back and have a beer, then load the Imitrex.

Good luck forecasting and wish you many pf days..............

weatherman  [smiley=vrolijk_1.gif]

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Perhaps, some day soon, we can have a weather info chart on the board and correlate the new and re-activated members based on the freaking weather fronts. :)

We could become the new bureau of weather and crime predictors!!! Entrepreneurs!!! :D

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It would be facinating to see a map (US or maybe Europe) that had CH occurences plotted like the weather.

CH events and KIP intensity could be drawn similar to isobars (except they would be equal lines of pain/intensity) and then over-layed with the surface weather charts.  Put those combined plots together set them in motion .... watch CH move across the country, as storms do?  You could actually see how temperature and pressure changes affect CH.

Could bring CH prediction to a whole new level, especially for those barometrically-challenged sufferers. 

Hmmm ..... if I could get the CH diaries from suffers in a half-dozen regions about the country ?????  Interesting stuff that has me thinking already.


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