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Verapamil use and M


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Interesting.....thanks spiny!... unfortunately my attacks are pretty bad right now so i would like to wait a bit before i taper off.


I met with my neurologist yesterday and he gave me some information on "Vagus Nerve Stimulator". I was wondering if anyone has tried this....


Another thing I learned during my appt was the effect Verapamil has on your heart....I have noticed when I play ice hockey or if i am going for a run i feel extra tired and feel out of shape. My doctor said due to the high dose of verapamil your heart rate is similar to a person doing yoga everyday. its really slow...I just thought this was worth mentioning on here if anyone else feels the same way....I have been taking verapamil for years and i just learned this yesterday....My doc also said its nothing to worry about and my heart probably loves it because its working less...I just don't have the cardio i used to have..which sucks!...Just wanted to share what I've learned.

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I take Diltiazem 120 mg two times a day. I have found that about once a year I need to stop taking the Diltiazem for a week. During this time I use prednisone to help with the migraines and clusters? I am suprised that you can take Relpax daily. I use Zomig and if I use it more than 3 days in a row I will get rebound headaches and the only way to stop them is to suffer through them without any meds.

Hang in there and good luck.

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