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the cows left a present

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ok. Well i want to detox as soon as possible. And I also need to find out how long and how to store my new found meds. The pic only shows what was givin to me for driving the car. the bag was FULL. gona get all i can get tonight and put em up. Any suggestions on storage?

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well you got o2 figured out. use that as an abortive while you detox. give your detox about a week or so.

i've had bags stored in the freezer for over a year and they worked. they will keep for at least a week while you detox.

good luck and keep us posted ;)

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Be sure they're "cracker" dry b4 freezing. Maybe air-dry for a couple of days, then dry on screen over desiccant (DampRid, calcium chloride) in closed container.

Read detox info. in the ClusterBuster forum "Files."

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