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  1. wish my doctor could see that. He told me "o2 does no good for cluster headaches" what an uneducated prick
  2. Jay, did ya ever get any oxygen to huff? That shit works my brother.
  3. I think mine were inherited. I'm the 3rd generation sufferer. spooky huh? We (my family of ch) is prob. rare I would guess.
  4. I'm a huffer of welding o2. And fill my own portable tanks at home off of the big welding tank. I am ordering a hawaiian woodrose plant. Maybe I can get it to grow big. And from what I read about the HBW seeds, you only need like 3 seeds. But do some research. I'm still learning myself.
  5. for sure man! I tend to forget just how bad the beast is. After I'm out of a cycle, I forget about it, and live a normal life. Sure glad I'm not cronic!! That word scares the hell out of me. Thank you lord!!
  6. hang in there birdman!! I took the beer test last night and passed with flying colors. Drinking today too. I think I'm finally out of cycle. Maybe youll get there soon my friend!!
  7. THIS SET UP WORKS GREAT!!! I finally got to use it. I'm PF for a couple days now. I still have some sinus pressure that is making me scared. lol The pressure in my eyes and gums from the sinus is making me think its shadows. So last night i took the beer test to see. I PASSED!!!! no headache. I think I'm out of cycle for real tis time. I've posted that I think I'm out of cycle on here and the other forum a couple of times only to be let down. THIS TIME I REALLY THINK I AM.!!!! Still I visit the forum and try to help.
  8. Yall might remember from my first post here, that my father, and his father both had/have this fuckin headache. Not really sure when they (figured out) my grandad had em. Might have been after dad got diagnosed. Grandads just stopped at age 60. never had another. Dads cronic. Still battling the beast. I've never heard of anyone else in the family having ch. I sure hope my lil one doesnt get ch.
  9. thanks guys!!!! Equador and B+ it is then!!!
  10. The crash of the housing market has hurt my income quite a bit. When this CH cycle hit me about 8 weeks ago, I was lost. I spent alot of CASH at the doctor, and pharmacy, with no real results. I couldn't get the doc. to give me o2 cause he said it wouldn't help, so I took matters into my own hand. YES!! welding o2 is the same as medical. I went out today and bought stuff to fill my own tanks at home. I bought 2 medical" E" tanks used. The welding supply said I could rent the 5' tall tank for $6.00 a month, and have it filled for $13.00 I requested the tank be purged, so I go tomorrow to pick
  11. hey Imigrant. Well, As a kid growing up in a household w/ a cronic clusterhead for a father, and now having about 2 cycles a year myself for the last 7 years, I know a lil bit about ch. Triggers are diff. for everyone, but the most common ones are..Alcohol,chocolate, onions,artificial sweeteners, nitrates(processed foods). Artificial sweeteners giv me a hit like a beer would My old man can just smell onions cooking and get hit. He always kept a journal back in the 80's when he saw that he was all alone w/ this condition. You think doctors are dumb now?? try 1984 Anyhow, hope that helps
  12. ok. Well i want to detox as soon as possible. And I also need to find out how long and how to store my new found meds. The pic only shows what was givin to me for driving the car. the bag was FULL. gona get all i can get tonight and put em up. Any suggestions on storage?
  13. well, I hit the jackpot.!!!!!! How important is it to be off drugs like topamax b-4 you try shroom treatment.? thats all i'm takin besides predsidone. O-yeah. were goin back tonight. these fuckers are EVERYWHERE! It's been so humid!
  14. I had a hit this morn at 4. The o2 knocked it out. Been having light shadows all day. I guess the prednisone is wearing off. I was hoping to be out of cycle already. FUCK!! I can't wait to try these shrooms and see if they work for me. And scotty, oxygen works dude. I'ts aborted the last 2 of mine in like 10 min.
  15. I was just trying to get an Idea on what would be the most potent/biggest/most producing prints to purchase that are good for CH. I noticed the dixieland print, which I am guessing are the ones we took as kids living in north mississippi. But anyway.......... Any help would be GREAT!
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