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More press!

Dallas Denny

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Some of ya'll might remember the authors post here requesting interviews....I'm the "older man" referenced who chose to remain anonymous...funny that I spent 30 minutes on the phone answering questions (many of them incriminating which was why I chose anonymity) but was credited with a quote I didn't make?? Lmao! Oh well, press coverage just the same!


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Glad for the press!  I wonder if we'll see any additional traffic here.  You'd think so, but in the past it hasn't really turned out that way.  Thanks for participating, Denny!!  I think I'd give the article about a C (C minus, for not quoting the interesting and useful stuff you undoubtedly said), but you gotta give the effort and the awareness-building an A.  (If only it really worked like that -- one shroom dose (while out drinking!!) and PF after just one more attack.)

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