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Clusterbusters has been contacted by a company doing phone interviews of cluster patients regarding cluster headaches and some questions about a new treatment that will be coming out. They are looking for a couple more people. This is for US citizens only and for people with clusters.
If you want to find out some more information and possibly set up an appointment for a call, send me a message here and I will give you their contact info.





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My Friends,


I did the interview a few weeks ago.  The questions are completely benign and they do not ask anything related to Busting.  I provided information voluntarily regarding my busting, but their line of questioning is more about your CH, and a few questions on preferences in regards to the new treatment.


I highly recommend everyone that can, to please participate.   :)  The more information this company has in regards to real CH sufferers the better.  The last thing we need is them getting information from those oh so smart.. (sarcasm) doctors out there. :)  (no negativity meant to those docs that participate here, as you guys / gals are ROCK STARS!! :))



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