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New version of Register Your Journey Online


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Hi to everybody. I hope you are all doing better than the last time I've been posting. I am Finally doing better, after half a year being awake every night, it stopped after talking the mushrooms for about 6 days.

Now I'm feeling pretty fine.


But I'm here to inform you all that I have a new version of the app "Register Your Journey" online.


I've added the option to change the date and time on a registration so you can add registrations that should have been registered on a other moment

I've also added to option to add some alarms. I know every mobile phone has them, but in the future I will make the option so you can add Buttons to this alarm.

Last I've added a "duration field" to the buttons that use the intensity slider. So now you can give an estimation of the attack as well.


For people that don't know my app.


My app is made by me.. :) Its free to download and it is a kind of Diary. But a diary you can use to log everything you want to remember about your disease. Not only attacks and medicine use, but also therapy, vitamins, food triggers,alternative medicine etc. Just by pressing the right button.
The app is very individual. You can set your own set of buttons, because you have an unique journey to make.


I've included my own timeline I have now after two month of registering and the timeline sketch we are working on to get even more view.
Hope you enjoy my work. If you like it, it would be nice if you can share my messages on facebook, twitter, google + or with friend that can use it as well.



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I've been talking to a dutch member of the Dutch headache alliance and I think I have made one of the few independent headache diaries available....They are working on an app as well, basicly the same as mine but only 4 buttons and only for registering Headaches. 1 to use to start the headache, one for the first solution you have to abort/treat the attack, one for the second solution and one when the attack is over. 


Hope you will use it, I make it with all my love, hoping you get more and detailed knowledge as well.

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Been using the app, and it's clean and runs well. Only feedback that I would offer is that I think it would be useful to allow a free text entry. That way the user can enter any comments for an entry that aren't covered by the presets that are available. Or any details that they want to add about a specific entry.

Thanks for sharing the app!

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A lot of people did ask me this already. I've always put it aside because I think it would be wise to stick to the buttons with labels. Thing is that a free text is hard to show on a timeline. So you will not have a clear view on what happened when, your need to read it again. Registrations made on a timeline show directly what happened when. I do agree if you say that current registrations aren't perfectly visible on the timeline, but they will be in the future.

An other argument is that free text messages are harder to compare than labeled data, something I would like to arrange in a later stage so we can share data with specialists that are looking for cures. The longer we register what we do to feel better, the more data we collect about our personal journey. This will help finding a solution.

But I will put it on the list and try to find a way to integrate free text entrys without compromising the button setup. 

And don't forget that you can send me an message about a new button and I can add it easily.


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I just sent an email via the app, but figured I'd jot a few notes here as well.

It looks like a potentially great app, but without the ability to free form entries, for me it's not very usefull.  


For triggers.  People could have a button for triggers.  That button would open a freeform txt entry window that would allow them to enter a possible trigger they just experienced.  Then as they plot potential triggers and CH attacks, the pattern would be evident.  They could then click on the potential triggers that happen just before their attacks to figure out what was a "Real" trigger.

For Food allergies:  I've figured out that I have an allergy to Tyramine (which is also a CH trigger for most people).  My allergy has gotten much worse recently for some reason.  I need to figure out what foods are triggering my muscle and joint pain.  If I could have a button "Food" that allowed me to freeform entry any food I've eaten.  Then I could track my muscle and joint aches better to which foods are causing it.

I would think the best way to plot the free form is not label every different entry on the chart, but have a single "Food" or "Trigger" color and title for the chart, but allow the person to drill down (click) on the entry to see the detail.

App looks great, the above functionality will definitely make it 1,000% better. :)


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