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Cluster Headache Caught On Camera


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Hello everyone! First post here. I'm new to the forum. I'm a long time CH sufferer. After a 2 year remission the beast returned November 15 and is still going on. Here's a video I uploaded to YouTube of one of my attacks. Thanks for watching! I feel your pain.


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At the risk of repeating a theme...Oxygen, D3 regimen, judicious use of imitrex and exploration of other methods (steroids, calcium channel blockers, MM, 5-MEO-DALT, and other things)  Never give up, we know how much this sucks and wish you a short cycle, decreased intensity and much love.  Don't let the beast win.

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I think that anybody who ever search cluster attack on youtube seen your video.  It really helps to  bring the awareness and especially understanding of what CH is .


When some of my good friends wanted to know why I just can't walk it off I showed them your video.

That is exactly what I do and what I feel. 

I'm tired of explaining it to people. I just send them your link, they never told me to walk it off after they saw this.

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Personally I can't watch these....about 20 yrs ago i saw one of ClusterChuck and it still haunts me.

Can see the benefit of showing to the "doubters".........






I can't watch them either. I just wanted to show a friend what it is and his video is the closest to my experience.  Some videos are even more horrifying ,but my symptoms are the closes to his. 

It is as  horrifying to watch it as having  a CH , it triggers my CH almost instantly

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