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rebound headaches meds choice


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Hi I need advice on meds .


I started vitD regiment about 6 month ago , but I keep forgetting taking vitamins on regular bases,especially when I feel better. Now 3 days into my new cycle, oxygen aborts it, but it just keeps coming back , even if I stay longer time on it after the attack.


I'm back on vitd regiment, but only 1st day with full list of vitamins. Also I took triptans tablets, whatever I have sitting around, relpex,sumatriptans. 


I'm taking triptans, when I can't abort the daily CH cycle and I just can't be 2-3 H continuously on O2.

I also take triptans when the pain is too much to bear,like today.


Triptans help with a new attack for about 6-8h , but cause rebound headaches, so I'm just postponing it , and I know it.


Would it be a good idea to do injections of imitrex instead of tablets? Are injections known to be causing rebound headaches?



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The injections will cause rebound headaches same as the pills. The injections will work much quicker than the pills though. If you use the injections try to get in vials with syringes or in 3mg auto injections. You can also learn about splitting the doses, most people can abort attacks with 2-3mg. I hold back as much as possible on injections and only use when I feel I can't get with 02. Work on oxygen therapy technique.

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For me the only thing I can take 3 times in a row without rebound headaches is O2. I can get away with zomig for 1 or 2 times after that the rebounds start. Anyone find that (Immatrex, spelling?) makes their CH worse? I have tried it multiple times and it was insane how bad it got.

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