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Shrooms gave me my life back for 4 years, now my CH is back

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I started using shrooms four years ago after hitting the lowest point in my life, life was good again, my kids thought I was cured as I hadn't had an attack in so long, but two weeks ago after moving to Cyprus they came back full swing, I don't know if the change in climate has anything to do with it but I'm back to where I started with my CH, what i'd like to know is has anyone had a similar experience with shrooms not working anymore. 

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Coz, so sorry . . .  That does happen, when shrooms stop working.  It's not even all that rare.  Sometimes they start working again, later in the cycle or in a future cycle. 

Of course, it's important to know that the shrooms you tried were not too old or otherwise compromised, and to be sure you are not using any medications that might block the effects of the shrooms.

No idea what the situation in Cyprus is, but if shrooms stop working, many people find that a different busting agent will work for them.  Seeds, paper, and others.

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CHfather nailed it, every single word of that condensed insight rings true.

Count me as someone for whom shrooms eventually stopped working at one point, although I still consider them a really powerful preventive, and like you I obtained some major, priceless relief from them, knocking out entire cycles.

My personal experience also finds me in the category CHf mentions where having switched off to another another busting agent, namely paper, currently does work.

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