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Your source to stimuli-what do people do?


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This may seem as a weird question.

What do people do, to keep head stimulated?

I`m happy with my life and all that. It just seem to me, that most people have sort of their thing. F ex some play the guitar well, some draw etc etc. I haven`t found mine, i like doing all sorts of thing. And i haven`t heard of a percentage of what there is to explore, and i really don`t understand how people have found the key that looked the door for the constant wondering, about everything. And it seems to me that most people have found this. And that makes me a little on the side, moving around, while others "sit down" together. So tell me-

what do you like to do? :)

Guess i haven`t tried enough things, or haven`t found out how to refine one thing enough. Have to learn how maybe.

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First I think you have to be willing to take a chance.  I think most people fail because they have convinced themselves that they can't do anything, therefore they do nothing

Just like our headaches, If you don't try something how do you know if it works ? Granted, you need to learn everything you can about it before you try it, but then go for it! So what if you do fail, try something else!

A hobby is just like all the treatments we hear about. One day you will find the one that works for you!  And when you find it you will know it!

I guess I am one of the most blessed men in the world. I found my nitch in business; I loved what I did for a living. I found my nitch in recreation; I love making things out of wood and I love volunteering helping older people who really need help. I found my nitch in family; Geneva & I have been married 40 years and she is still my bride, my "rock" of stability, and my best friend. And thank God, I found my "treatment".

I did not accomplish any of these without failures, but I kept searching, and I am thankful I did.

I hope you do the same. It's out there, you just have to find it.

Eddie Langford (fast eddie)

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I like to eat watermelon ;)

Hi there Tingeling.  Wow, tough questions today.  I think there are 2 questions you are asking. 

First is what do we do?  The second is more like, what should you be doing??  I think that is what you are getting at ??  I will comment on the 2nd question.  Since there is only one wonderful Tingeling it is thus impossible for anyone to know what is best for you or the road that you should travel.  That is buried in your soul and can only be activated by you.  The good news is that you are young and have a bright future ahead of you.  Like Eddie said, trying different stuff that attracts your attention is a good way to find the things in life that you like.  Some would say that if you kept following your interests you would find your 'calling' or 'destiny' etc.  Depends on your spiritual beliefs maybe. 

Do what makes your heart sing and you will find your thing. 

Sometimes thinking back to the things that you liked when you were a child can help.  We were once raw and mostly unsocialized.  That is when the true you was at it's most authentic.  A beautiful time indeed. 

When you look around at different people who seem to really have their 'act together', that is a sure sign they don't.  Everyone deals with the same crap one way or another.  When I have been in a room full of people who are being really really honest, I realize how similar we all are.  Sometimes we are having fun, sometimes bored, sometimes shameful, jealous, happy, sad....  Hard to live life without getting it all over you.

So as far as the first question?  I DO the things that I like to do.  And I like to eat a lot of watermelon ;)

--Shaggy :) 

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I second the Watermelon

I have an addictive personality, when I find something i like, I beat it to death, LOL, I fish, way too much one year, then none the nest. Im into 4 wheeling, still loving it. I do woodwork, into motorcycles, both my dirtbikes and Harley. Rite now I seem to be in a slump for a new passion. but my other likes are still there, although it led me to rebuilding a carburetor all weekend.

Is there stuff you used to like to do, but just don't have a passion for anymore? Looking at your post count Siv, it looks like you have a passion for posting. I always read yours. keep um coming!!

Oh, I also like complicated stereo equipment that I just use the basic functions and I loose interest in all the complicated stuff (apparently)


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Hi :)

I have tried all sorts of water sports(PS.Very cold in this country ;D), snow sports. I been going around by ski in winter time, with Husky`s and all that. Walked by fall. I run marathon, duathlon, mountain climbing, rafting and list goes on.

Sometimes thinking back to the things that you liked when you were a child can help

I did that, and that was allot of fun!!! And i still do rollerblading and squash, playing TV games etc.

I love volunteering helping older people who really need help.

How wonderful :)

Is there stuff you used to like to do, but just don't have a passion for anymore?

No, it`s more difficult because i like doing everything really. And i started doing things i`m not good at, that was even more fun ;D

But in a way, i wouldn`t ask this if it wasn`t something.

It`s just, people stop wondering, and that makes me sort of alone doing most things. And when it comes to other interests, i`m really a big nerd, i just look like a bimbo. I have good friends. But somehow people have this joint flow-zone, and i`m not in it.

Hard to explain, but this feeling that i missed something somewhere, grows as i getting recovered in both body and mind. Like i have a urge, but to what?

Do what makes your heart sing and you will find your thing.

Maybe i have to listen closer :)

The sun is shining, there`s this cool, clear, crisp air. That gives a special feeling. Gonna go for a nice long walk, find my own flow.

But i would love to continue hearing what people like to do, it`s interesting.

Thank you all :)

Big hug from me :)

(I weird, i know ;D)

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A great way I've found to discover what your heart desires is to volunteer your time at a charity/non profit organization.  In my case it was the local animal shelter but some other ideas would be child-enrichment programs, nature or park clean-up groups, food for the homeless or the disabled etc...

The great thing about it is that everyone at these places are there because it's a labor of love, not because it's a paycheck or the "cool" thing to do.  So when you find the one that speaks to you, you'll instantly be in a group of people that share something very meaningful.

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Been thinking allot on that subject. checked it up as well. you live in NY. Well, i live in something that would seem as a small fisher town to you. And it is. We do not have food for the homeless f ex. there`s no homeless here.... They live in apartments owned by the government...

Parks have no problem here. biggest problem is people like me hunting shrooms ;D

I tried being volunteer at the local home for elders. they wondered what was wrong with me, nobody would work without getting paid. And if so, the person wouldn`t be right. I told i just wanted to be there with the them, make some waffles, listen to the stories they have. Nope, very strange.

In hospital, they have this visiting patience with cancer. But that was selling chocolate and newspapers to them. Didn`t feel that would be the right thing really....

I don`t know if there`s something with children, but that i can`t handle. I don`t watch the news for a reason....

Thank you so much for the tip, i would love to do something this. but i live in a too small place. But there has to be something, i just have to search more. I will do so.

But there`s one thing, i happen to meet people all the time, everywhere, that live with unbearable chronic pain in varies forms. And there`s really not good enough support groups. and no matter what chronic pain you might have, you will face the same issues, living with it, and live, not survive. Something should be done. When i speak to people about this, several starts cry. And that makes me frustrated, because that shows how desperate in need we are for a change. I spend several times a week, listening to people in constant pain. I get tears in my eyes right now, because it`s so sad!! Doctors just give them tons of medicines, take this take this!!  :'(

When i said that i understand, and things like that. Grown up people, much much older than me, start crying. Simply because someone listen. I can`t write more, i get so upset.  It doesn`t seem as the government want to support this. They have therapists. But maybe they haven`t all been a sufferer themselves?! Now i made myself cry. I just can`t figure out how i would do it.      

Thank you Galwin, you helped me. My heart burn for this.

(Ps. I know that i haven`t the education i need here to go ahead and talk to people and help them. But more like a NA way or something. Everyone helps everyone.)

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