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  1. Hey there Bejeebs! Wish you were here. Knock on wood...but I have really gotten the clusters under control since I found y'all 10 years ago. Whenever I check in here it seems like you have this place under control. Good to catch up, I hope things are well with you. -The Shaggy
  2. Howdy everyone. Small meet-n-greet in Portland, Saturday, January 30th at 11AM. Message me for address. This informal gathering will be for CH'ers and supporters with the purpose of personal connection and sharing techniques and stories of living with/near CH. It will be at my house and we can fit about 20 people. If it gets bigger, I will find a bigger space. It should be fun. If you live nearby please try to make it. Thanks Shaggy ps, hey Bob, when is the conference coming back to the great Northwest!?!
  3. Yep Ba-Jeebs, the Shaggy is in da house. I troll every now and then. Seems like all ya'll have it well under control here. Let me know if I can ever help. --The McShaggmeister
  4. Just read the wiki-talk section...holy sh..! nice work fighting "the man" everyone. You have more patience than me by a long shot. Well I guess I'll give up my seeds and mushrooms, they sound too "controversial." Keep up the good work! --Shaggy
  5. Howdy all ya'll. The Shaggy has held down several jobs and academic careers with the cluster friends in tow: Started my first term of college, got hammered in the middle of math class my first term. Sweated and tried not to throw up each day during the cycle. Went to military flight school and entered my cycle during ground school learning about airplanes and sweating my butt off, holding my head, trying not to be obvious. Still didn't know what they were because they would just disappear for a few years. Guess I am fine, must have been allergies?? After a good military flying tour on to the airlines (still oblivious about clusters, thought it was my eyes now because pilots can't have headaches). Many good years there and now on to a whole different career (by choice, not cluster) and have since figured out my cluster head issue and found my relief. Point being...I am fortunate that the mushrooms work for me as advertised on this site. I hammer the cluster arrival so I won't endure the harsh attacks. In the few weeks it takes me to thoroughly bust I add a lot of caffeine into the mix as well. I am still experimenting with rc seed dosage (70 sinkers seems to be effective and no tripping effect). Tript, keep working to find your relief. So many stories here to read through. Fight back against the attacks! Have your arsenal and be ready. Manage your unfortunate neurological lot in life, don't let it manage you! Good Luck! --Shaggy
  6. ok, I'll be the one to ask...Why do people go to the doctor if they have success with the psilocybes, seeds etc?? I seem to be allergic to the doctors offices or something because it seems like the last place I would go except for a check up, dentist, or something specific/emergency etc. --The Shaggy
  7. check and mate people! the shaggy has completed the survey
  8. Thanks so far everyone. No tobacco for the shaggy and I have been doing the D3 etc regimen too. I don't get the migraines when I am outside in the sun, but they happen if I am inside looking into the glare outside or bright lightbulbs in my field of vision. Since I don't wake up with them (except once last year that destroyed me) I feel like they are initiated by lights that burn into temporary blind/flashy spots in my eyes. Then 10 or 15 minutes later comes the dull headache pressure. It sounds like busting doesn't work for everyone so I am wondering if some others still get migraines even though the cluster busting has been working?? :-? Also possible would be some actual vision issues. My eyesight is pretty good, but changing a bit (bet I am still 20/20 but who ever knows). Just feels migrainy to me. > OK thanks everyone, keep the comments coming. --The Shaggy
  9. OK, no throwing rotten tomatoes at me for bringing up migraines, but...I get bot CH and migraines and as some of you know, I have beaten my CH back with occasional psilocybe and rc use for the last 4 or 5 years. The good news is that the clusters are responding well and I only get scattered shadows, no attacks. My migraines however, seem to be increasing in frequency. Monthly maybe, and they are almost always triggered by funky lighting like stray bright light bulbs in the corner of my eye or too much glare out a window that will then cause flashy spots in my vision for 5 or 10 minutes followed by a headache. I can keep these at a dull roar if I take some aspirin and seek the darkness for a little bit but the small headaches effect my energy level for a day or 2. I know we all say that the mushrooms work for migraines, but maybe the migrainers amongst us can lend some additional advice. Do the mushrooms really work well for migraines? Anybody else controlling their clusters but their migraines seem to be worse?? > The Shaggy ps, I really do get them both so don't make me go to another website, I like all ya'll and want to stay here. Bob don't make me leave.
  10. Well Hejada, you hit on one of my favorite subjects. I have tried it multiple times (alone, why wait, when you need it, you need it, medically speaking of course) and I get relief about half way through almost always. This is before a full blown (as they say) attack in the 5-10 minutes when the shadows are building. Doubt I could muster the will if it was in full swing. I guess I could use a partner but sometimes the timing isn't right, because it is only a few minutes that I could use the technique before the attack really kicks in. The psilocybes have been working great for several years so now I am only 'busting' shadows and maybe that is easier. I think it is not correlated to the 'vigorous exercise' as exercise usually causes them for me. And at 45 sometimes my 'exercise' isn't so 'vigorous' anyways if you know what I mean. Anyhoo, the Shaggy is just thinking out loud --The Shaggy
  11. Just read through your thread bg, way to fight back. CH isn't a total disaster, once you get your arsenal ready to fight back it can be just a nuisance for many of us. Keep up the fight. --Shaggy
  12. Hola everyone. Being a former airline and military pilot I have flown a great deal while in my cluster cycle (of course I didn't know they were cluster headaches at the time and didn't know I was in a 'cycle'). I have only had a few in the cockpit, but I don't believe flying ever was the trigger. Flight attendant perfume got me once. I know a lot of people do have problems while flying, but Mystina I would be prepared but not intimidated by flying with clusters. You may not have any problems. AND everyone's suggestions sound good. If I am leaving town for a bit I would take a dose before I left or just bring some seeds with me OR order them sent to your vacation destination and take them there. All good, I hope your trip is great! The Shaggy > ps, flying with a cluster attack is trying and so is landing on an aircraft carrier with a raging migraine, starry vision, feel like hurling etc. A least it wasn't at night.
  13. Hi Zen. I definitely recommend taking matters into your own hands. Seeds, oxygen, order mask and regulator as needed. People here and ch.com know more about minimizing and negating the effects of our disorder than any doctor I have met or heard from. You have gotten great advice so far and we all have similar stories. Hang in there because once you figure it out it gets easier and mostly pain free! Psilocybin for me and I figure I have avoided about 200 attacks in the last 3 years. --Shaggy
  14. Wow everyone, leave for a little bit and everyone is taking huge steps!! Nice work!! Michael, stick with it. I am interested how it has gone?? Ron you get my vote for best caretaker ever. Everyone else gets my vote for most supportive clusterheads in the world! 8-) For everyone who writes, there are probably tons more who are reading and wishing you luck Bonkers and Michael. Keep us posted. Shaggy says keep up the good work! --The Shaggy
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