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Hello Clusters My Old friend

Dallas Denny

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To the tune of sound of silence in the style of Disturbed:


Hello Clusters, my ol' friend.
You've come to haunt me once again.
You rudely wake me when I'm sleeping.
My nostril's blocked and my eye's weeping.
And the demon that was planted in my brain
Still remains.
I feel the pound
Then shadows.

From restless dreams I wake alone
With the pain I toss and moan
Search thru darkness for the table lamp
As I whimper with a cranial cramp
When my eye was stabbed in a flash with a red hot knife
I cried in fright
And felt the pound
Then shadows.

In the naked fright I'm raw
10,000 attacks, maybe more
Doctors assessing without treating
Doctors speak without connecting
Doctors writing scripts where patients lose their hair
And no one cared
Of the pound nor shadows

And in the next few year's I saw
Ten thousand doctors maybe more
Doctors hearing without listening
Doctors touching without healing
Doctors writing scripts, that seemed like living hell
And nothing helped
Erase the pain, of Clusters....

The unafflicted cannot know
The shadows like a cancer grow
Hear my screams that I might teach you
Feel my pain that I might reach you
But my tears like acid raindrops fell
And held me in the realm of sorrow

But what this devil doesn't know
I will fight and I will grow
Because those shadows will soon give up and you'll support me until they stop
Cause we're all in this together.. no matter what..until it stops.
We will continue fighting

And I stood and fought and stayed
Of the beast I'm not afraid
And the beast lashed out his warning
Feel the burning and the pain swarming
And the beast said your head and your body will be bouncing off the sheetrock walls
I kicked his balls
And now he feels the pound, and shadows.


Composed by several members of the Facebook cluster headache group.....I know, ya just had to sing it right?!?!

Dallas Denny 

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