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Clusterbusters pain tracker


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I found this page https://clusterbusters.org/treatment-options-busting/keeping-track/ and there is The CB Pain Tracker -section.

Duration 1-5 minutes gives 5 points.

Duration 6-14 minutes gives 6 points.

Duration 15-29 minutes gives 5 points AGAIN.

Duration 30-44 minutes gives 11 points.

So there is some typing error. Has anyone information how these points should be? Or what is you proposition to points?

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I agree there seems to be a typo, but I gotta admit, I don't see the point of the exercise.  I've never seen a person report here on their score in the 8 years I've been here, and I'm sure a doctor would not be interested in or familiar with this tracking method. I mean, pretty much a person has CH or doesn't, and treatment is not going to vary depending on a score like this.  I guess you could use it to give yourself a better picture of when your attacks or worse or not as bad, and maybe you could correlate that with something you're doing or taking or not doing or not taking.  This seems like a decent way to maybe summarize that info, but I'm going to suspect that for some people a long attack at a lower pain level is worse than a shorter attack at a higher pain level.  A guy developed an app for tracking CH pain/duration etc. that he posted about here.  I think he has posted more recently than this one, but maybe you'll have to PM him to find out more.

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I agree wit CHf....what's the point????...pun intended. I've had 1 minute hits and 8 hr hits (yes I know...both outliers on the ch "typical" spectrum)....and it never occurred to me (36 yrs now) to "point score" duration. Intensity yes.....it can tell a clusterhead where on the bell curve of a cycle he/she is......................

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