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I am surprised that no one has mentioned it, but Clusterbusters is now a "cause" on Facebook. 

Through their page you can invite others to join, and hopefully donate as well!  Those of you who are on, let's get those invitations going.  Not only will it spread the word and increase awareness, but hopefully some much needed $$ too!

I saw some familiar faces and names already there this morning  :D

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Lee Ann,

The "Clusterheadaches" group and the "Clusterbusters" are two different "causes." 

It was after someone sent me a cause request, and I joined the Clusterheadaches cause, that I thought about putting Clusterbusters on Facebook.  I asked Bob about it, and he asked me if I would take care of it for him.  So that's what I did. 

I have to say now though, that although I have been on FB for quite a while, I am by no means proficient with it.  What I can and will do is post a link below that will take you to the Clusterbuster on Facebook Cause page.



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I think its great!  Even if it just gets the word out so people know this exists!  Also, maybe by getting the word out it may help someone from being misdiagnosed for 15 years because they have now heard of it.  So many people have never heard of CH, you think something so painful would get some recognition.  Thanks Bob for doing that!  You rock!


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