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  1. Jazz, I feel so much better about myself now Lol. Thank you David
  2. CHfather, I am going to go the full 3 months with it. As far as a minute or two the whole use of it is six minutes so I only have to wait 9 more from last use to hit the O2. I have had to hit the O2 only a few times before the full 15 minutes went by and on those occasions I blame myself for not getting on it right away. I forgot to mention that it does NOT work well if you are pushing a kip 3-4 before getting it going, you must use it at first sign or it really doesn't help that much. It has potential but it definitely is not a complete alternative to O2 for me. The idea of using it as an energy drink type of assistance is probably the best analogy in my case as it definitely makes the O2 so much more effective (along with busting as well).
  3. So quick update on my trials with the gamma core. I am using it regularly on my first attack of the day usually around 11am, the earlier I can get to it the better. In most cases I do not get a full abort within a half hour, however the pain doesn't get above a kip 5 and when I get tired of dealing with it (trying to go as long as I can before hitting the O2 to see if it will abort) I can abort with just a few minutes at only 6 LPM on the O2. Much more effective than an energy drink in making the O2 more effective but honestly not effective most of the time in a full abort. I am thinking however that maybe for people that O2 hasn't been effective in the past for this could be a godsend. Also as a citizen scientist of this community who like most others stretches the limits I have used it multiple times within the restricted 12 hours with no adverse effect and the getting same result of keeping the beast from going full blow and making the O2 so much more effective at lower LPM. PFDAN to all David PS: Looks good but expensive on O2 for Italy, thanks for the advice CHfather
  4. davidj


    I am in the trial so I will answer your questions. First yes we are paid $65 per Dr. visit, covers my gas and a little more as it is 60 miles each way. As far as letting an attack go untreated, they REQUEST you wait 15 minutes after using the device before using rescue meds i.e. O2. I have found that it does take at least 15 before relief begins. I have aborted some attacks with just the device while others I have had to use the O2, however I must state that the O2 is much more effective when used after a use of the device and the attack quickly aborts. Hope that helps. David
  5. Better luck being big fish in small pond, swim with sharks and you get eaten Better luck in the future
  6. Thanks CHfather, I am trying to work with my provider again sort of forcing them to help me out but if that fails I will give the companies you provided a shout. As far as keeping the device that would be a no, the trial is for 3 months and then I have to give it back. The hit I treated last night did not go away with the gamma core, had to use O2 to get rid of it. It has not worked as far as a complete abort 3 times out of 13, but it has seemed to keep them from ramping way up to kip 9-10, no worse than a 6 on 3 occasions. I have been dosing with seeds since August and they don't seem to be helping as much as they used to so I am trying to clear my head and I haven't dosed in 8 days which may have contributed to the device not working as well but who knows.
  7. Yes that is my understanding on the Vagus Nerve and yes right side of throat. CHFather, my supplier was no help on Europe, not really sure what other action to take but so far the Gamma core has worked well enough I am willing to risk it.
  8. Bejeeber, The reason they gave for the wait has to do with their concern on how it effects our bodies. Some people have experienced high blood pressure while others low blood pressure. So far I really haven't felt any adverse symptoms and I am planning on going to Italy in February so I will be testing it out for multiple uses. I am concerned about no O2 in Italy and the plane flight so this may be the answer. I think it is more of a testing concern and hopefully if it proves to be safe it can be used as we would us O2.
  9. Hi all, I am in the Gamma Core Trials and now that I have an actual device I wanted to give you all a thread on how it is going. I knew as soon as I went into phase two of the trial the first device was a sham just from how it felt when it was on my neck and the lack of effectiveness. I have used the real device 9 times to abort and 8 of those times it worked and I did not have to go on the 02, the main drawback is that you are supposed to only use it every 12 hours and since I am a multiple hit person I still have to abort with 02 the rest of time. The positives are it is easy to use and only takes about 6 minutes to use. The average attack has aborted within 15 minutes of use and the pain has only ramped up to a kip 6 twice. I continue to dose with seeds which is keeping my hits to 2-3 a day and I have been in cycle since the beginning of August. I will post an update every week or so and I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the device. Happy New Year and wishing all PFD&N'S David
  10. Keep going Buddy, good luck!!!! David
  11. Birdman and Jackieblue, Great news from both of you!!! :)
  12. I told my primary and he said "cool" is it working? Since then he always asks about my busting and loves hearing about Bromo etc. When I need to renew my 02 script he does it by phone. I consider myself very lucky.
  13. Siouz, I am 54 years old and have been a cluster head going on 20 years. I don't know if this helps but my SHORTEST cycle has been 7 months and my longest 18 months. I am still considered episodic because my remissions usually match my cycle length IE: 14 month cycle 14 month remission. Somebody once told me I am called a hard episodic. I don't know if this scares you or gives you solace but I hope it helps. I am just coming out of a 13 month one and I can say that busting with seeds or shrooms every 5 days completely lessened frequency, and pain level and made caffeine and 02 much more effective. Good luck and I hope you get relief soon. David
  14. Results are good, no 3 or 8pm mini hits for 6 days. They might be starting again, real small one at 8 last night but quick to come and go. Just going to monitor and dose as needed but it defintley did not start anything up again. David
  15. I went ahead and dosed Thursday night, pattern still the same, so we shall see. Domino, no access to shrooms at this time and have a kid in the house so not going to try to grow. Thanks for the input everyone, the hit is so tolerable if this dose doesn't rid me of them I will just do my maintenance regime. PFDAN wishes to all
  16. Hi all, So here is the deal, I have been fighting the beast again for 13 months and busting my arse off. In the past 4 1/2 weeks things have been so so so much better. My question basically is I still get a short hit everyday at 8pm, I don't have to use 02 and it goes away after 15 to 20 minutes or so on its own. Every few days I also get get the same thing around 3pm. My question is to dose or not to dose, I haven't done any seeds in over a month and I am worried that dosing may start ramp thing up a bit. All input appreciated. Thanks and PFDAN wishes to all
  17. :(Birdman, Remember when you and I were going through this together 2 yrs back and how bad the slapbacks were after dosing? It WILL get better, I know you and I know how tough you are and you will beat this back. Hang tough, dose every 5 days (I do 70 at a time). I use an old fashioned pepper mill and before that a mortar and pestle, I drain off the sludge, I add some lemon juice and I drink it at room temperature. If you need to talk just PM me and I will shoot you my number again. Once we are both done with this again we will meet at Citi Field and have a beer. PFDAN wishes. David
  18. Hey Birdman just an fyi: I get my seeds from pyschoactiveherbs.com, they arrive very quickly every time. Hang in there buddy we have been through this before and gotten through the other side of the tunnel. I know how hard it is to stay away from the imitrex; great job, it can be hard to remember that the goal is to knock it back and kill it when you are getting a major hit. David
  19. Hi Jackie, When my cycle starts I do 5 days in between so Sunday night should be fine. I don't lengthen time till i start seeing significant results. Good Luck, David
  20. Spiny, From the info below I bought the powder, btw I mixed it with OJ and also put some on my cereal. Does NOT dissolve in OJ and did NOT enhance the flavor of my cereal Lol, so I am still trying to figure out the best way to ingest. Definitely feel a little more energized, jury still out on how it will effect my CH only been 2 days. "Maca has a light, nutty flavor and some easy, delicious ways to consume maca powder as a food are to: Stir a teaspoon of maca in a bowl of vegetable and lentil soup before serving; sea salt and maca root are a wonderful soup flavoring. Add a teaspoon to any herbal tea. Pour maca powder over organic, non-microwaved popcorn and flavor with coconut oil and sea salt. If you're not watching your sugar intake, mix a bit of maca powder with enough grade B maple syrup or honey to produce a wet paste, and enjoy with a spoon. It's a delicious dessert-like treat, and it's great on bananas too. If you're one who "needs" a sweet fix, this is delicious and healthy way to do it." Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/027797_maca_root_hormone_balance.html#ixzz21gOeO3Xd David
  21. Yes one of the more pleasant side effects according to the bottle Dan ;D ;D
  22. Just bought a large bottle of ground maca root, just like my experiment with kudzu and whether if affected my bust I will happily again be a guinea pig and give this a shot Lol, btw not cheap this maca root stuff (bought the organic version at a health food stuff). David
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