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Sid jackson

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You might get some responses here.  The hot spot for DALT talk historically has been the Facebook group called "Cluster headaches (trigeminal autonomic cephalagia)." Just checking over there now, it seems a lot less focused on DALT than it once was, maybe because DALT is much harder to acquire than it once was (as I understand it).  That's a closed group, so you have to apply for acceptance, but in the past that has happened pretty quickly.

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Hey Sid!

5 meo Dalt had a fairly good efficacy for many clusterheads.....unfortunately its manufacture was outlawed in China where the vast majority was made......there are ZERO reputable labs who still have any in stock....there are some who will tell you they have it, and take your order and money, but they'll ship you nothing....as several folks that I personally know can testify to!  

Sorry for the negative news but that citizen science experiment is dead in the water!

Dallas Denny

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