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Cluster and migraines question


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Does anybody out there get multiple types of headaches? I definitely get classic clusters but in addition I also get what I thought were a severe sinus headaches for 3 weeks. I went to an ENT because I thought I had an infection. He said it was probably an atypical migraine. Now a full cluster cycle right after that went away. Was the atypical migraine really just the beginning of a cluster cycle? Now I’m having about 12 clusters a day like someone is hitting me in the head with an axe. 

Anybody get more than one type of Headache? Or am I the only fortunate one?


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Hey Lizzy,

I realize my next comments may appear to be coming from left field... or outer space...  That said, here we go...  You're very likely vitamin D3 deficient and that deficiency is contributing to the frequency, intensity and duration of both your cluster and migraine headaches.  You don't need to take my word for this condition.  All you need to do is call your primary care physician/general practitioner (PCP/GP) and ask for the lab test of your serum 25(OH)D concentration.  This is the serum level vitamin D3 metabolite that's used to measure its status.  The normal reference range for the 25(OH)D lab test is 30 to 100 ng/mL (75 to 250 nmol/L).  Print out a copy of the anti-inflammatory regimen CH preventative treatment protocol from the following VitaminDWiki link and take it along to discuss when you ask for the 25(OH)D lab test. The anti-inflammatory regimen consists of 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3, 1000 mg/day Omega-3 fish oil, 400 mg/day magnesium and a good adult 50+ Mature Multi.  Most of these CHers started this regimen with a vitamin D3 loading schedule of 50,000 IU/day vitamin D3 for 12 days.

I've been running an online survey of CHers taking this regimen to prevent their CH since December of 2011.  As of January of this year, 257 CHers have completed and submitted this survey.  It's important to note that the mean baseline 25(OH)D serum concentration for these 257 CHers, before start of regimen is 23.6 ng/mL.  The following chart illustrates the normal distribution of their baseline 25(OH)D lab test data before start of regimen.  Again, it's important to note that all these CHers were having active bouts of CH when they had the blood draw for this lab test.


The following normal distribution chart illustrates the resulting serum 25(OH)D concentrations after 30 days or more taking this regimen.  80% of these 257 CHers experienced a significant reduction in the frequency, severity and duration of their CH from an average of 3 CH/day down to 3 or 4 CH/week.  50% of the 257 CHers experienced a complete cessation of CH symptoms in the first 30 days after starting this regimen.


This isn't a joke and I don't sell anything.  I've been providing information outreach on the benefits of taking 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 plus the cofactors as a safe and effective method of preventing CH since December of 2010.  I estimate over 800 CHers have started this regimen since then.

If you've any doubts about starting this regimen, click on the following VitaminDwiki link.  It will take you to a page at that site that's all about my work with CHers taking this regimen with vitamin D3 and the cofactors.


The following link will download a pdf copy of the anti-inflammatory regimen treatment protocol. Readers of the above vitamin D3 web page have downloaded over 10,000 copies of this regimen since January 21, 2017.


If you’re still in doubt about starting this regimen, click on the links below to read posts by other CHers who started this regimen.  I have hundreds more just like them.







Please feel free to ask questions... Most CHers have them when starting this regimen...  I'm here to help. 


Take care and please keep us posted,


V/R, Batch


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Have you seen your PCP for the lab test of your serum 25(OH)D? The odds are very high your vitamin D3 status is low to very low.

Nearly all primary headaches respond to vitamin D3 therapy if the dose is high enough and all the cofactors are taken.

Take care,

V/R, Batch

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I have been diagnosed with...

  • Chronic Daily Headaches
  • Chronic Migraines
  • Chronic Cluster Headaches

Years ago I used to get Ice Pick Headaches, which last 5-10 seconds and feel like an electric shock going across your forehead, but haven't had them in a very long time. 

Dec 31, 2006 at 9:10pm I got a headache that lasted 7 months. It finally started breaking up, and I'd have a few pain-free days in July and August of 2007. Jan 2007 is when my clusters started to, so all that year this one headache was punctuated with cluster attacks and week-long migraines.

Last year I had 35 clusters (most lasting a few minutes), 90 headaches and 179 migraines. It was a bad migraine year, but overall my best year since they started in 2007. My worst year (apart from 2007) was 2011 when I had a total of 575 headaches, migraines and clusters. Last year was only 304 in total. This year, if I can keep my migraines away, I may actually have less than 200 in total, which would be totally rocking! 

Overall, I average 30-50 headaches of one type or another a month. 

So no, you're not the only one. 


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