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My neurologist suggested Botox injections today at our visit. The last time I was there we did an Occipital nerve block and as soon as I got in my car to leave I was hit with a CH, needless to say it didn’t work because they continued. Has anyone had experience with Botox?


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Hi nana,

Reported to be successful for some for migraine...much less so for CH. Quite expensive so check your insurance coverage. If covered I'd give it a shot...if not you'll need to decide if the gamble is worth it to you. Had a former neuro who was a researcher and doing a study on botox for migraine...which later showed very positive results. I applied for inclusion in study but was turned down...either her or study sponsor would not consider it for CH. Has your neuro had success with other CH patients? Keep in mind it is not a one time deal...you'd have to repeat it probably several times per yr.....



PS ONB never worked for me either...but I've seen reports of success...it was certainly worth a shot (pun intended)........................

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