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My wonderful daunghter, and CH....


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So happy to just share......with you, with my neuro, with anyone who will listen!

I'm listening.   :)

Being a single parent with this crap sucks!  I remember making sure I had everything locked up and snacks accessible for my daughter for my daytime attacks.  I remember showing her how to use a microwave at 5 years of age  because my attacks would last for hours.  Thank god for ramen!   ;)   The one positive thing is my kid is very independent and likes to do things herself.

I definately think my cycles were more random and shorter before pregancy.  I only remember two cycles pre-pregnancy.  After pregnancy more like a cycle every two years.

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These kids ;D My daughter that little..... She wondered what this sticker was on her bike. I said it was for the insurance company, if it should dissapear. She mondered what insurance was.... I explained if her bike f ex get stolen etc etc, she will get a new one from insurance.

She lit up in a big smile and said "How clever!! That sounds very fun!! New bike for me." I tried to explain no, it has to be stolen or broken. " Yes, we can fix that, or what?"  Eeeeh, noooo WE can`t!!

Oh my... What tendencies are this!!!  But i gotta laugh. She`s so cute, it smells trouble ;D;D

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oh, and about the PG part......I thought I was a bit too bold with that question myself!  Lol

If you keep a journal....maybe you could begin to send the messages you need to send for help (universe help) to notice patterns in your cycles.  All cycles together.  Include your periods (start/intensity/end), your dosing times, seasonal times, etc.

Could be helpful to see optimum time to try and it would be a little something that brings you long term joy at the end of the process to hold dear and to share.  Even if it takes 2 years. 

Hugs Tingeling.... I always wanted a Logan to go with my Luke. It was fulfilling a wonderful part of my soul, to dream about another child.

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