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Barometric pressure and headache

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From Headache magazine:


We conclude that distinct neurons in the trigeminal nucleus caudalis, particularly with preferential afferent input from the eye, respond to lowering of atmospheric pressure. Similar mechanisms may contribute to the generation of headaches during changes in weather.


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Hey Alleyoop. I believe there is something to this. When landing coming home from Portland I could feel every nerve on the right side of my face...trigeminal nerve? No joke. Excruciating pain for the last 5 minutes of the flight. I have never experienced anything like it. Like the right side of my face was on fire. I was holding my head and just about to start screaming. The intense pain disappeared shortly after landing. My headaches are on my right side; I found it more than coincidental! Not looking forward to landing on my next flight which will probably be Chicago.

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I have flown several times since getting CCH, and never had a problem.  But that may be due to pre planing and taking a sput before flying.  When I flew to MX a few years ago to visit with Xeno, I had a small cap under the tongue and because of the long flight, also tucked a couple of Skoal pouches in my lower lip to give me a shot of nicotine!  :P

I know several people who get hit while flying.


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