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Beast is back

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Dear Friends,


after almost 4 years, my Beast is back. Of course, I considered myself blessed and lucky with such long remission, though this is just thank to this forum and the information I found here. I was a chronic before and since I started with my RC seeds, just three cycles in 9 years (of roughly one month each). This time it's a bit harder, because it's taking longer to get my prescribed oxygen, so I am fighting back with ice, red-bulls and......hope..

I am although a bit "out of exercise" and there are a few questions I would like to ask, if anyone has the patience to get back.

  • how long it takes, since start busting, to block a cluster?
  • how many seeds do you take on average (I usually take 70/80)?
  • do you drink also the crushed seeds, or just the water filtering what remains of them?
  • has any of you noticed that posture acts like a trigger (if I sit on the sofa, the beast will get me in less than 10 minutes). Or is that just for me?
  • out of context: anyone from UTAH on this board? and from UK?

Thank you all and wish everyone a long remission!





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The only thing I can say about the sofa is it will sometimes make me uncomfortable to the point it triggers one. It's so plush that it makes my back/ neck loose circulation. I also find if I lean on my elbows on the armrest it can cause it to aggravate my neck and once my neck gets aggravated I usually get attack. I avoid any thing the puts pressure on my obcebial nerve.

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I wrote up my method for doing seeds a few years ago, lots of people find it helpful. 

Moxie Girl's Seed Recipe (in the Files Section)

I'm from Iowa living in the UK, if that help. ;) 


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