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Tony Only

It's been a long time

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I hope you can see our posts those who are not on social media. We have been building this association for a LONG time. I am hopeful to be able to jump out from the fast-paced social media sites and back into the more serene places such as this one. Many of you are often in my mind. Today was a special day and a day to remember it was you all here in this very forum that helped me in the very darkest of hours. I hope the absolute best days for everyone and for that day to arrive when no one has to survive Horton / clusters anymore. PF wishes !


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We miss you Tony!!!!! It is good to see a post from you. :wub: 

I hope that you can return on a regular basis too. I have watched your FB group grow over the years. You have done a tremendous job helping CHer's with your site. :)  

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