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Nicole Wallace

I have migraines

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Hey Nicole,

Check your message InBox.  I've sent you a PM.

Take care,

V/R. Batch

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Hi Nicole,

I have chronic migraine and chronic paroxysmal hemicrania and first they thought I had CH (because it is very similar) and they gave me oxygen. 

To my big surprise, oxygen worked for migraine because it is normally supposed to work for CH only ! But I had to do 20 min 15 l/min immediately at the onset of the attack. Once the migraine really comes trough, it does not work anymore. So the trick is to act fast. I have a success rate of 70-80 % with oxygen. It brought down my use of triptans from 8 - 10 a month to nearly zero.

What you can try is go to your closest ER when feeling a migraine is going to come and ask for 15 min oxygen and see what it does. If it does not work, nothing is lost.

There is also a dedicated forum for migraines (www.migraine.com). This forum is more specialized in trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia or TAC's.

It looks like you are a candidate for aimovig or one of those newer medications. In that migraine forum, they have tons of experience with these new medications.

All the best !


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