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In cycle again and almost out of medication. Feeling hopeless!

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I feel hopeless at this point!   I got hit with 3 clusters in the last 24 hrs!!  I thought I was out of cycle  I have never experienced anything like this ever. Normally when my cycle ends I am out for anywhere from 18-24 months. I have been pain free for 3 weeks or so after a 2 month cycle.  And now this. What’s going on?   I am a few shots away from being out of imitrex/sumatriptan.  Red Bull and D3 but I know from the past that for me imitrex/sumatriptan is the only help for me. And without insurance.  Looking into welders o2 but so far no help there and o2 doesn’t help me in middle of night when I awake with a 10! Pain.  This is awful!  I need help getting imitrex and have tried everything I know.  

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CrystalAnn', you don't say if you are splitting your Imitrex injections.  If not, https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/2446-extending-imitrex/


Since it's allergy season in many places, and allergies seem clearly to induce CH, I would consider Benadryl, 25mg four times a day, or Quercetin, maybe 1-3 grams/day.  https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/7417-ditch-the-benadryl/?tab=comments#comment-71582

I don't know anything for certain about this, but maybe it's worth trying: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/5829-does-nasal-decongestant-spray-work-for-you/?tab=comments#comment-73323

Not sure what the welding O2 issue is, but here's a general file about it: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/5627-notes-about-welding-o2/

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is you have a script for the 02 it is sometimes cheaper to pay for it out of pocket. 

Adding Benadryl to your D# li CHfather said will help also

Read up on the site as many people have a bunch of little tricks with things around the house that may help you out

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