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Homeopathy for Cluster Headache

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About 2 weeks back, I was suffering some very nasty attacks. 2 to 3 a day each lasting an hour reaching extremely high pain levels. 

I happened to speak to a friend who is a homeopathy doctor. I was surprised to hear from him that cluster headaches were curable in homeopathy. He spoke to me for an hour on everything except my attacks including emotional issues that I may have had in the past. 

He sounded very confident. He gave me some meds. 

Next day onwards my pain levels came down. 3 days later my attacks became less frequent. 2 weeks into the treatment, my attacks have almost stopped. I get an odd minor attack once in a while but no full blown attack now. 

I know fully well that CH is never going to go away. But I am pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating CH. 

I will continue the meds and report feedback here. 

Pain free wishes to all. 

Har Har Mahadev 


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12 hours ago, Bejeeber said:

Hi Vipul, would you be able to post the ingredients and their strengths (like 2x, 3x etc.) for the homeopathic meds you were given?

Hi, in India, the homeopaths mix up the medicine themselves. So dont know what it is. But since he's a friend, I will ask him. 



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