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New cycle, new hope


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Hi all,

Been awhile. Had almost 7 months PF after my last cycle, which was the longest I ever suffered through. Towards the end of my last cycle I finally gave Verapamil a try. Wasn't sure to what extent it was working, as my cycle was winding down. I was also using Gabapentin before bed, as most of my attacks are at night, which seemed to help but, again, cycle was winding down. 

Got my first, minor, attack a couple of weeks ago and immediately ceased alcohol intake and started the Verapamil (120mg IR 3x day) and Gabapentin (300mg nighttime). Since then I have had only minor pain and have been able to exercise (2nd biggest trigger behind alcohol). 

I've never seen this combination discussed, so I figured I'd share. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Best wishes to all of you. 

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