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NY Times today about CH


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Seems like a very good awareness article.  (I have attached a PDF to my post a little below here.)

A little mystifying that the author seems so helplessly clueless about treating his own CH.


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I posted a comment about how I thought he had understated the pain of CH by suggesting that attacks are far shorter than they actually are and not saying that they are day after day, often many times a day, and that I also though it was surprisingly uninformed about CH treatments.  Of course, that comment is now submerged among hundreds of others, many along the lines of "I stopped gluten"; "Mine stopped with menopause"; etc.  

But, as you say, at least it's out there.

Practically any time I have ever read a newspaper or magazine article about something I actually knew something about, I have found it disappointing -- inaccurate, inadequate, whatever . . . .  So why do I still give so much credence to ones that are about something I don't know much about? 

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Don't short yourself! You know a ton about CH, if that is what you are referring to. 

I too read 'stuff' and tend to take it at face value. I suppose that is because we have to trust the 'experts' to some degree because, well, they are the experts! Unless it is important to me personally, then I research a lot of papers. You do the same likely. Then you spot the misses and inaccuracy of many of the papers out there!!! The more you know, the more you see that they don't know. :)

I agree. He left out a lot! He had not experienced it likely, nor researched it. It seems mostly that he was recounting his experience, not the community experience. So, not well researched in my book. 

But, exposure is good.

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