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Trouble getting O2 during pandemic?


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Has anyone experienced difficulty getting O2 lately because of the rise in hospitalizations due to the pandemic?  My provider Apria usually gives me as many E cylinders as I ask for but now they are limiting the amount requested.  I was told I could request up to 10 but they only delivered 4.  It took a lot of pleading to get 5 more delivered.  Makes me a bit nervous.  It's nothing to go through a tank a day and sometimes up to 2 a day.  Might have to request an M tank.  Wasn't anticipating anxiety over O2 supply.   This is Colorado where we still have plenty of ICU beds.  Wondering what the rest of the rest of the country and other parts of the world are reporting.  

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At the onset of covid I was having issues with size and amounts of tanks that were being delivered to me. I would ask for an M or M60 and I would get E tanks. I have from the start of using oxygen ordered an extra tanks, order 4 tanks and only give back 3 empties, this has gotten me a nice stash of extras that I can keep all over the place. It may not be the right thing to do but with the amount of issues I had just to get oxygen to begin with I don't really care. You gotta get on the good side of the delivery person and start building a stash of extras for when this sort of thing happens. I am scared that one day I will be told that my oxygen company just does not want to deal with me anymore and cuts me off so I have enough extra tanks to last me at least a month. This will get me some time to find another company. 

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