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Vitamin Prophylaxis for Migraine


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I don't encourage anyone to jump on the megadose experimentation unless you have a solid idea of what you are doing. I do megadose on what is safe. 

My baseline is an energy revitalization powder that contains over 35 vitamins, minerals, even the BCAA’s/Protein. I use a potassium gluconate powder to reach about 60% of the RDA, the rest is met by diet. For protein, the RDA of 0.32 per pound is grossly understated; I subscribe to 0.8 per pound, and that isn't for bodybuilding either. I intake at least 800mg of Magnesium, and I take up to 1200mg every few hours during a migraine to abort. When I could afford the IV treatment during an attack I would do that with IV of insane doses of C. Now I megadose on Magnesium and C powder (ascorbic acid) until the issue is mitigated.

At my height and weight, that is 135 grams of protein. I don't use whey. When I was heavy into weightlifting in the early 2000s we all knew what that did to the kidneys, the body, and how bad it is for the body (acne is a prime indicator). Plant-based is best. I use one shake a day and the rest through diet.

Diet is easy. Eggs for breakfast: no cheese, no butter, and God no, no margarine (that will kill you fast). Don't believe the pseudoscience from the 90s, I eat 4 XL eggs a day, and my total cholesterol is almost too low, 170. There is ample evidence at 160 or lower people with mental disturbances become suicidal.

I consume at least a cup of cooked beans a day, and couscous or whole grain rice. I hate vegetables but stomach 1.5 servings of corn, 1 serving of peas (technically a legume), and a serving of carrots. I supplement with a Garden of Life powder that provides the other required 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, the super greens, phytonutrients, and so forth.

I'm Croatian and so we don't consume meat like American’s. Well, I am 2nd generation, and I still don't. Red meat is almost nonexistent, and that deli meat, bacon, and processed meat according to Harvard is linked to a 30% increase in Colon and Pancreatic Cancer.

I notice when I eat that mess an instant onset of headache occurs. All that salt, preservatives, and chemicals can't help. I eat poultry at most 6 times a month. I don't believe in Paleo, Keto, or fad diets, but my hunch is that steak and deli meat will trigger headaches and that it will lead to coronary artery disease, and eventually kill you.

If that doesn't help, as in my case, then you add, only clinically proven supplements and what western medicine can help as an adjunct. I use feverfew and butterbur, with over 3000mg of nicotinic acid, 3000mcg of B12, at least 800mg of magnesium, vitamin C to the bowel (in my case that is 6 grams for breakfast, 6 for lunch, 4 for dinner, and 2 for bed). I also take a Nordic Naturals Super Omega 3 (the best quality of EPA DHA), I mega dose on D, and should disclose that my serum level is low. I should also disclose that I have stiff person syndrome and even when my B12 level is normal, I run the risk of pernicious anemia.

Then, I treat the gut. H pylori are linked to migraines. I use caprylic acid, and Pearl Elite Prebiotics ( to my knowledge the only prebiotics that survives stomach acid).

Since NSAIDs cause Candida overgrowth, I use white willow bark when it gets nasty/intense. 

I also treat the thyroid, despite a “normal TH level.” it doesn't take an Einstein to realize that the TH lab is inaccurate. I use a supplement that provides 10,000% of the daily RDA for iodine, provides selenium, and a lot of zinc. Not surprisingly, your BPH symptoms (if a middle-aged male or older improves overnight and in two weeks you can fire the urologist). 

Finally, there isn't a one size fits all approach, and even I have to resort to the western medical-industrial complex of doctors “it's been 15 minutes I don't care about you get out” model of medicine. I get my Psych NP to write for a calcium channel medication that can be used for self-harm/cutting prevention. Though I don't cut, with my personality disorder she can get away with this.

Why do I do this? From experience, all neurologists treated me like a pharmaceutical lab rat and had zero interest in my well-being, and I have seen world-renowned neurologists. Truth is, you can fire your doctor, and doctor yourself. I found the NP’s to spend considerable more time with you, and provide exceptional care. The problem is, to my knowledge, only a handful of states (like mine) allow them to practice on their own. I now refuse to see an MD and only see NPs. It's a matter of preference, I suppose.

Last, I have enclosed a baseline journal to prove that vitamin supplementation has a basis, and I encourage all I you to treat the gut (it starts there), treat the nutrient deficits, then try herbal supplements, then pharmaceuticals. I get one migraine a month. I was daily, or up to 5-day benders. And my Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome have improved enough that I could manage with Tramadol (schedule 4); at one point I was on Fentanyl, Demerol, and OxyContin (Schedule 1). And the batshit crazy part 120 lorazepam as a protocol/front line for the stiff-person syndrome. Megadosing on magnesium until normal levels eradicated most of those issues. When I do wig out, hydroxyzine (no scheduled) resolves it.

Here is the journal:

Vitamin Supplementation as Possible Prophylactic Treatment against Migraine with Aura and Menstrual Migraine


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U can find documentation that the doctor who developed the TSH test which is like 'testing for thyroid problems for dr dummies'... spoke out w determination that the tsh test was only for use as backup if a doctor thot they were on track that a patient's thyroid was causing problems. He never saw that the med industry wld turn it into a diagnostic tool to determine correct dosing of thy meds. Thyroid can be.. tricky. At times illusive for correct dx. Thyroid plays into how a body manages immune system & allergies. If u suspect allergies? It can often work w thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid is like a master gland to overmanage endocrine system. Liver? Thyroid? Big connection. Liver leads into gut issues. Insulin levels also affected by thyroid. 

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